CMS Made Simple 1.8

A new version of CMS Made Simple was released this past weekend. CMS Made Simple 1.8 offers a number of new features to enhance performance not only of the website itself, but to make doing some mundane tasks faster and easier.

Some of the more significant changes in CMS MadeSimple include:

  • Stylesheets - The {stylesheet} tag has been deprecated in favor of a {cms_stylesheet} tag. The replacement works by grabbing the content of the individual style sheets and passing them through smarty before writing them to uniquely named files in the tmp/cache directory. Processing the style sheets (individually) through smarty means that you will no longer have to search through each of the style sheets for individual colors, you can give them names.
  • Bulk-copy pages
  • New {content_module} tag - Allows modules to provide different types of content blocks for use in Content pages.
  • SSL support
  • Updated documentation
  • Clean up of language files
  • Module Manager improvements - It should now be much easier to install or upgrade modules, including all of their dependencies.

Additional details about CMS Made Simple 1.8 can be found at The latest stable version of CMSMS is available on their download page.