New e107 version for the New Year

A new version of e107 has been released, e107 0.7.11. There is also a hint that it's time to think about version 0.8! If you haven't tried e107 for a while, I encourage you to do so!

During my tenure as a judge in 2007 for Packt Publishing, I surprisingly ranked e107 as number two in the Overall Winner category. Given the final outcome, the other judges didn't agree with me...but I stand by my position. e107 is an open source content management system worthy of your consideration.

New year ... new e107 version - The e107 team is proud to present the latest release of e107, version 0.7.11.

Best Open Source PHP CMS: Joomla wins, Drupal second and e107 third

By golly, Joomla has been awarded as the Best PHP Open Soure CMS in Packt Publishing's 2007 awards.

Joomla! is today revealed as the Award's third category winner, claiming Best Open Source PHP Content Management System. Last year's overall winner came out on top ahead of Drupal in second and e107 in third place and receives $2,000.

Joomla! was selected as the winner in the Best PHP category due to "its good front-end for administrators and end-users, which gives users a simple and traditional company website straight out of the box".

Croatian community site converts from e107 to Joomla

I found this on one of the Joomla blogs, Croatian community site converts from e107.

The biggest Croatian community site outside of Croatia converts to Joomla. Croworld.ca has been around for 3 years, although just recently went through a e107 -> Joomla conversion. We support the Croatian community outside of Croatia by trying to keep everyone in tune with what is going on in the community. 

So why am I posting this here at my site?  Could it be that I want to rub it into the faces of e107 users that they lost another site to Joomla?  Absolutely not!  While croworld.ca is designed well with Joomla, it's actually the content that I'm more interested than the CMS this time around.

Packt Publishing announcing CMS winners this week

Developers and users of five content management systems (CMS) have been anxiously waiting for Packt Publishing to announce the winner of their Packt Open Source CMS Award. Packt Publishing is expected to announce on Tuesday, November 14th, the top three CMS along with the winner.

The winning CMS will get US $5,000, the second will get US $3,000 and the third placed finalist will get US $2,000.