Big Medium

Big Medium 2: A CMS for Web designers

Josh Clark sent an e-mail to us the other day saying that his Web content management system, Big Medium 2, is availabe for public consumption. While he sent the usual press release, I thought I'd go ahead and paste his full e-mail to me. Sometimes it's good to note that it's not just a "company" pushing a product but instead to actually see the people developing the software pushing their own products.


First off, thanks for all you do. You offer such terrific coverage of the CMS space and the challenges facing practitioners. Super-professional but with a personal feel. I love it.

I posted a comment on one of your posts introducing Big Medium 2 a couple of months ago and now, at long last, it's out of beta. I'm passing along the press release below in hopes that you'll find it of interest to your readers. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions, and thanks again.

All best,


 PARIS, DEC 17, 2007 -- Josh Clark and Global Moxie announced the release of Big Medium 2, a web content management system aimed squarely at web designers.