Will KDE 4 be enough of a Mac for me?

Those that have followed my writings (even from the WebCMSForum days) know I've spent about the past year or two dealing with an aging  PC.  Even the wife, who doesn't always appreciate the geek part of her husband, says it is time for a computer upgrade.  When she says it's time, you know the deadline is near to order up a new computer.

For the past several years I've configured my home PCs with a dual-boot of Windows/Linux.  While there are some things I don't like about Apple's propriety hardware for it's OS, the need for something different has me considering purchasing a Mac.  However, as I posted at the Open Source Community, I've started to wonder if over time the desktops for Linux and the Mac won't be that much different from one another.

KDE 4.0: Why I likely won't get a Mac -

Desktop Linux has an article and shapshots out on the first alpha version of KDE 4.0. The article is titled, KDE 4.0 alpha arrives!.

Features in this alpha version of KDE include:

  • A new visual appearance through Oxygen (think Aqua)
  • New frameworks to build applications with, providing vastly improved hardware and multimedia integration (through Solid and Phonon, spelling and grammar checking, to name just a few)
  • New applications that focus on a smooth user experience, such as Dolphin, the file manager, and Okular, the document viewer

There was a time that I liked the Gnome desktop for Linux, but over the past couple years KDE, in my opinion, has become more innovative. Looking at the KDE desktop...I really wonder [if] I'll ever get a Mac. Now if only we could get someone like Adobe to begin developing software for Linux...

Wouldn't really be great to not have to really worry about dual-booting or virtualization into Linux from Windows or a Mac?  To have a day come when all you need is Linux in the real world.  I know, I know...some of you are already only using Linux for all your computer needs.  I'm not that brave just yet.  However, I'm not looking forward to dealing with Vista and I'm not quite ready to be tied to the Mac OS that only works on one company's hardware, Apple hardware.

Oh, I'm so tired of my indecisiveness and ready to hear from others where my computer happiness will be in the next few years.  What are you planning to buy for your next computer and why?