Top CMS in the top 100 blog sites

CMS Wire recent took a look at Technorati's Top 100 blog sites and determined which CMS the sites were using most.  They concluded, not surprisingly, that Wordpress was the most popular CMS with 34% of the top sites using the blogging application.

Simply put, we found that WordPress dominates the list, that Movable Type comes in with a respectable second [16%], and the rest are either custom jobbies or a smattering of other platforms which are, relatively speaking, eating dust.

Probably more interesting, is that full-fledged CMS barely made a dent in the top 100 list.

Wider scope Web CMS technologies are not used much by the top blogs. Drupal scores 5 sites, with Plone used by 1. Other popular Web CMS platforms are conspicuous only by their absence.

CMS Wire isn't saying that CMS are not good for blogging.  I think what CMS Wire is observing is that when users want to only blog...they prefer to keep it simple.  Why use a CMS with more features than they possibly can use when something like Wordpress or Movable Type can do the job?  At least that is what I get from the article.