Tikiwiki 1.9.6 released

A new version of Tikiwiki has been released, Tikiwiki version 1.9.6. This version of Tikiwiki fixes the usual list of bugs and security vulnerabilities that come with the usual point releases. However, 1.9.6 also comes with some new features and enhancements including:

  • Search: Batch batch_refresh_indexes_tikisearch.php
  • Wiki poll: Highlight in wiki rating box the user rating
  • Tracker: can choose export field type: visible/searchable/all
  • added a notification when attachement is added to a watched wiki page
  • various updates on Catalan language
  • install process can be localized to other languages

Those interested in Tikiwiki will want to check out the original wiki page that not only includes a list of the above features, but also a list of bug fixes and security enhancements. Tikiwiki 1.9.6 is available for download at SourceForge.net.