Tech Blog Highlights: Google SearchWiki, Mollom

I'm doing a little morning reading at some of my favorite Internet spots.  A couple of this morning's IT related posts that caught my attention:

  • Rich Hoeg (eContent) has created a very nice tutorial/screencast on Google's SearchWiki.  Personally, I can't decide if this is a good move for Google or not.  It seems to me the biggest benefit of Google is that you go there, do a search, find the link you want, and get out.  Internet junkies like me already are too distracted with places like that I like Google's single purpose pages.  When I'm on a search mission, I don't need the collateral damage.

  • Dries Buytaert explains the weaknesses of serving your own CAPTCHA to fight spam and the benefits of Mollom hosting CAPTCHAs for you.  He also discusses the dirty business of comment spam where services will leave comment spam at sites like yours and mine for a fee.  As I commented on Dries blog, comment spam makes this world a scary place for website owners. I'm glad we have Mollom!