SMF 1.1 final is out and about

The final version of SMF 1.1 is out. That's right, as far as 1.1 goes, no more release candidates for this forum software.

SMF is by far one of the easiest Web applications to install and upgrade that I have come across. In fact I upgraded my WebCMS Forum within 24 hours of the release and haven't looked backed. Though, I'm giving a week or two for some burn in time before I upgrade a client's site.

Instead of listing all the new features since 1.0, below are the major changes since SMF 1.1 RC3 was released. Release candidates in SMF are typically stable and introduce new features. In fact most open source projects would actually have given the RCs new version numbers.

Significant changes between SMF 1.1 RC3 and SMF 1.1 include:

  • Option to require visual verification when sending a personal message
  • Adjusted readability of visual verification system
  • Added option to limit number of personal messages that can be sent per hour
  • Fixed several javascript errors
  • Fixed time offset bug
  • Disallowed multiple failures with visual verification
  • Made several UTF8 fixes
  • Fixed various undefined index errors

You can read the SMF 1.1 announcement at Simple Machines by clicking here.