Search, Zen, and Zengine

Here at, I use a slightly modified version of the Zen theme.  Jeff Robbins is currently working on expanding his ideas via a series of default templates and variables added for the PHPTemplate engine.  This work is currently under the project name Zengine. recently underwent a new site design using Zengine and I guess there has been a number of comments for the site's new search tab.   Lucky for us, Mr. Robbins has decided to share with us how to code in the search tab.

I thought it might make a good quick article to explain how we're doing the [ ] search box on the new Lullabot site.

First off, the basis of this site is the Zengine theme engine...The page.zen.php that we're using in the Lullabot theme is only a slightly modified version of the original page.zen.php included with Zengine (which you can see here).

Zengine is still in early development and not quite ready for production.  However, since Zengine is the Zen theme's future...I'm inclined to begin using it here at CMS Report in the near future.  After all, I started CMS Report on beta software so I don't see a reason to not continue using such cutting edge software.  If I can't seem to find the time to contribute code to open source, I can at least help by testing the software and submiting a ticket or two on my problems.