back up with new website

As we mentioned earlier, was down due to drive failures on their RAID system.  Late Sunday evening, not only brought their site back online, but also redesigned their site.  An announcement was posted in phpBB's forum explaining the details.

After a long time of downtime we are proud to say to be back online. Due to the events we decided to give [up] our previous plans and work a good push and put the new website up instead of reviving the old one. Within this step we also updated the main forums to phpBB3 Olympus as well as using the new phpBB default style, named prosilver.

There are still some features which need to be implemented, as well as ongoing work on the documentation and of course phpBB3 itself - but we are getting to it. If you see any glitches or bugs please do not hestitate to report them through our bug tracker.

Welcome back phpBB!