Open Source Elgg opens the door wider

The project managing Elgg, an open source networking platform, announced a couple days ago that the software is "now more open than ever".  The project will be opening "the development process, codebase, direction and software roadmap to the community".

More recently, expected changes at were starting to take place with expectations of discussions taking place throughout the week.

This will mean structure both in tools to better support community led development of the software but will also mean putting together procedures how to organise it all.

We all know successful open source projects like Apache, Debian and Plone, and all have varying ways of managing and organising their development process. How this will take shape for Elgg is something we will be talking about more this week - we really would like this to be a community effort, so keep an eye on what's happening at and get ready to jump in.

If interested in joining in the open source discussion, I'd recommend you keep an eye at to see how you can get involved.  Until the actual changes take place, perhaps the developer discussion page would be a good start.