Marching to the beat of Moodle 1.9

I missed the announcement early last week, but Moodle 1.9 was made available in early March. Since I haven't mentioned anything about Moodle since last October, I have some making up to do with the open source project responsible for this course and learning management system.

Significant new features in this new version of Moodle include:

  • An all-new Gradebook designed from the ground up for expansion and integration with other systems
  • Integrated support for Outcomes, so that learning goals can be tied to individual courses and activities, and can be graded against.
  • Performance improvements due to review and refactoring of many parts of the Moodle code.
  • Tagging is now a core function allowing users to easily link things like users, blogs, courses etc as well as external sites like Flickr and Youtube through the use of simple tags.

See the Release notes for full details.