Hybrid Cloud Business Solutions Are Best For Protecting And Backing Up Data

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Hybrid Cloud Business Solutions Are Best For Protecting And Backing Up Data

Sun, 11/12/2017 - 15:18

The hybrid cloud solution provides a single unified platform that can manage data regardless of where it is located, whether it is on-premises or in any physical or virtual location.

Data is the most significant asset of organizations, and it has to be protected and secured from theft, loss or disasters. Moreover, as the economy is now turning real time, it becomes imperative that data must be available easily so that authorized employees can access it quickly for better productivity and improved customer service that forms the crux of digital business today.

The unprecedented scalability and flexibility of cloud services coupled with its cost-saving features, as you can do away with costs related to on-premise data storage and recovery as well as hardware cost, is driving more and more businesses to it. Cloud solutions related to New York data recovery can aptly handle all kinds of data regardless of its strategic value and volume and can support all types of management needs.

Managing data is a challenging task

Whether a company has single location operations or its business spreads across many locations, it is never easy to ensure fast and controlled access to data together with adequate data protection and backup. Regardless of business size, organizations depend on multi-location data storage that spreads across virtual and physical servers, the internal data center, networked computers, cloud storage mobile applications, mobile devices and cloud accounts of employees like Google Drive and Dropbox. The workloads of businesses have also become complicated, as work is carried across mixed environments of mobile devices and virtual and physical applications. The job of managing data has become more challenging as you have to keep track of data at different locations closely and ensure its protection.

Cloud is not free from complications

The standard practice of securing and managing data in multiple locations with the help of multi-point solutions is so much time to consume that it can lead to the frustration of IT professionals responsible for the job. The problem with point solution is that it is incapable of handling the mixed environment, which most companies use nowadays. It can either virtual backup servers or physical servers but unable to handle a combination of both. The wide choice of different kinds of data storage solutions tends to render point solutions ineffective. Unless there is one platform that is easy to use, it will never be easy to protect data that meets business requirements. If data protection is inadequate, it can spell the doom for business when disaster strikes and data become inaccessible for an extended period. It can happen from a security breach, prolonged network outage or fire, storm and other natural calamities.

Depending only on cloud storage might complicate data protection, backup and access because not only is the data stored in a remote location accessible only via a network but also you have to depend on the services of the third party. Network disruptions can result in data becoming inaccessible, and you have no answer unless there is on premises backup in some local storage, employee workstation or data center. Moreover, since data protection is third party responsibility, you have to rely on the SLAs, which in reality might often belie your expectations.

Adopt a hybrid approach in data protection

Hybrid cloud data solution is the perfect answer to the concerns expressed earlier. The hybrid model is capable of protecting data adequately when data is stored in several places, remotely or locally. Hybrid cloud data solution has the capability of copying data not only from different cloud deployments but also in remote and local locations, virtual servers and personal computers. When data backup happens at multiple locations, it ensures complete data protection while allowing authorized users comprising of employees, customers, partners, and applications to access it.

Protection from all kinds of data threat

Your business stays wholly protected with a complete data protection platform that creates a safety ring against any threat of data loss. Whether it is recovering some local files accidentally deleted by some employee, disruption in network services that deny access to the cloud, or it relates to cloud recovery of complete databases lost at the premises due to natural calamities, the data protection platform ensures that data remains adequately protected.

All round data protection

Data backup is necessary not only to protect data against natural disasters, user negligence and accidents but also to ensure data safety privacy and security as data travels from mobile devices to a virtual server to a cloud server in the data center of the company and all the all along the chain of travel. Moreover, protecting the individual identities related to data is also a part of data protection. You can achieve it by dissociating ownership information from the data and storing it separately so that hackers cannot link personal information to the data.

The hybrid cloud solution provides a single unified platform that can manage data regardless of where it is located, whether it is on-premises or in any physical or virtual location.

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