Design issues with IE6 and IE7

This is a busy week for me with an all-day software load scheduled this week for my work's operational systems. likely will not see many original posts from me for a few days. I will however continue to post some links and excerpts  on CMS news items that catch my attention.

The good news, it looks like the layout issues with the Drupal theme I'm using, Zen, are finally being resolved. The layout issues were with how the theme displayed in Internet Explorer 6. No one has had time to patch and commit the changes into a new version for the theme but that will come soon. Personally, I'll be glad when all the IE 6 users upgrade to Internet Explorer 7. Yes, IE7 has a few issues but at least it is much more compliant to "standards" than IE6. Either way, with the IE6 layout issues resolved, I can finally start making some real changes to this theme to make it much more my own. Cheers!