Coming soon: Umbraco 4.1

Umbraco, an open source CMS based on Microsoft's ASP.NET, has announced the availability of Umbraco 4.1RC. The Umbraco Core Team of developers calls this version of their CMS as "the biggest update to Umbraco" ever. This release candidate for Umbraco 4.1 is packed with a laundry list of improvements in performance and stability as well as some new features.

New and improved features:

  • Enhanced preview. Browse your entire site as it looks in the future, including out-of-the-box support for all XSLT and NodeFactory based macros
  • SpellChecker. With support for more than ten languages out of the box!
  • LINQ 2 Umbraco. More a .NET Developer than an XSLT guru? You can access data via the all brand new .NET LINQ API
  • Examine. Ultra performant and stable index-based search engine. With a fluent API that developers will love
  • New XML Schema. Not only more performant, but makes it easier to understand your data and adds future support for Intellisense in Visual Studio!
  • Improved DLR support. Faster than ever and with support for Ruby too!
  • New Datatypes: Image Cropper for editor friendly image manipulation and Macro Container for easily handling of feature areas. (Needs to be manually created in the data type section in the RC)
  • Improved Mediapicker: Preview and advanced dialog with upload is now a part of the default MediaPicker (needs to be activated on the datatype in the RC)

Performance improvements:

  • Updated XML Schema ensuring higher performance
  • Built in caching of Members and Media when referenced via the umbraco.library methods
  • Completely new Back Office tree with caching and improved loading of data
  • Heavily reduced http requests when working in the Back Office
  • Heavily reduced SQL queries in Back Office
  • A .NET 4.0 product that works perfectly with Visual Studio 2010


  • Updated DB schema with more constraints and indexes
  • More than a 100 unit tests written to verify API methods and datalayer

Confidence appears very high with this release candidate as the Umbraco announcement is also recommending Umbraco 4.1RC for all new projects. The developers however, do not recommend that you upgrade any production environments from a previous version of Umbraco to 4.1RC until the final release.