5 CMS Trends for a Future Website Owner to Consider in 2017

5 CMS Trends for a Future Website Owner to Consider in 2017

The Internet is the most popular and effective tool used by contemporary people. It doesn’t matter whether you what to do business or to have fun, you can’t keep up with the rest of the world without the Web. Surfing the Internet on regular terms, at a certain moment, you will feel the necessity to become the part of it yourself.

If you decide it is high time to launch your own website the first thing you should do is to find a high-quality CMS (‘Content Managing System’) for it. The best news about starting a website nowadays is that you don’t need to bother about coding or hiring a professional anymore. You will be able to do everything yourself since many CMS developing companies make their best turning website creation into an effortless process which can be easily carried on by a non-professional.

Still, not to hurry is a very wise strategy in this. First, think carefully about what you expect from a website. Without any doubt, you realize that a lot depends on the content you are going to add to the website. If you are a financial adviser, the set of features important for you will differ greatly from the ones needed by a photographer. So, the best thing to start with is to make up a list of CMS features you will require for achieving the result you aim at.  If you don’t have the exact idea of what you really need, it will be very easy to mislead you. As a result, you will have a website with the features you will never use but lack some vital options.  

Here are some important features developed by most famous CMS designing companies you may find helpful:

1. Simple Editing

When you start creating your website and you have no experience in this field, the most urgent thing for you is to be able to do it in the simplest way. It should be easy to grasp the main principles of its work. You wouldn’t like to spend hours figuring out how to fulfill some elementary actions while launching your website. Moreover, you should be able to manage your content and make all the necessary further adjustments with no extra efforts in future as well.

One of the best ways to do it is offered by MotoCMS. The company has developed website templates with a built-in Block Editor. This fantastic editor turns building of a website into a fascinating game due to the variety of pre-made content blocks. The only thing you need is to pick up the block and drop it on the layout with the MotoCMS admin panel. You can easily organize the blocks into a unique system according to your needs thanks to simple drag-and-drop functionality. In fact, there are a lot of blocks to choose from: headers, galleries, CTA blocks, testimonials, counters and much more. This is surely the solution to have a look at.

2. Blog Functionality

Even if you don’t have any intention to write a blog at the moment, you’d better find a CMS which includes handy blogging tools as well. The blogs are very popular nowadays. They are actively used in promoting different services and sharing every kind of information. So, why to lose such a great opportunity to become more popular?

The blog tools created by LightCMS are definitely worth talking about in this aspect. The company offers familiar tools and buttons to use. They also offer intuitive WYSIWYG editor, custom CSS styling functionality, and easy-to-use HTML editor. Moreover, LightCMS blog is skinnable, so you will be able to express your individuality with it. Also, you are offered an unlimited number of blog posts, automatic pagination, convenient built-in comment system and automatically saved drafts. Besides that, you can enjoy the function of automatic archive creation and useful Search functionality.

3. Form Builder

Many web-building companies include ready-made forms for signing up or contact forms into their CMS. This may be sufficient for some customers. Still, you may need your own unique forms to make your business function more efficiently. That is why Form Builder is a very useful feature in such a situation.  Of course, it is extremely practical if your CMS enables you to create the required form quickly and easily.

You can find a great example of such a simple solution with Moonfruit. With their Form Builder, you can add new text fields (with Single Line Text Box) and checkboxes in an elementary way. There are also such helpful features as Upload File, Paragraph Text Box, and reCAPTCHA. Moreover, you can find Radio buttons and Dropdowns there as well.

4. High-quality SEO tools

When we need some information or online services, the first thing most people do is start a search with a search engine. So, if you want to be found easily, you can’t be too picky choosing the SEO tools. Without any doubt, this is one of the most important aspects of any good website.

When you are looking for excellent SEO tools, take into consideration the facilities offered by IMCreator. You will enjoy static keyword friendly URLs and fast loading speeds of their CMSs. Moreover, they have Automatic Open Graph integration and easy 301 redirects accompanied by built-in website analytics. So, it will be very simple to find your website online with a solution like this one. 

5. Privacy

Of course, in most cases when you create a website, you aim at being popular among your visitors. But sometimes the situation can be the reverse. You may not want all people to be able to find you online. Contemporary web designers have thought about this situation as well and created a special feature which allows you get the level of privacy you prefer.   

With Strikingly, for example, you get an excellent possibility to stay as private as you wish. By clicking ‘Hide from Search Engines’ button you will make your site invisible for all search engines. Moreover, if you take care about special means of your site protection, the company offers a special password protection. The only drawback is that you have to pay extra money to get access to this feature.

As you see, choosing the right CMS for you is not an easy task. You need to think about all the features you may need in future. During the process, a lot of personal details should be taken into consideration. Still, if you give enough attention to all this from the very beginning, your new website won’t cause you any problems and your work will bring you utter satisfaction.  Good luck with it!