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Steve Pogrebivsky is an expert in information management and content management systems with over 20 years of experience. As co-founder and CEO of MetaVis Technologies, he is responsible for overall management and product strategy for the company. Steve has worked at a number of technology companies developing software for content management systems and enterprise integration. Steve was a co-founder of Stelex Corporation, a software and services vendor to FDA regulated industries. Steve developed and managed many of the company’s product and service offerings from its launch in 1991 to its acquisition in 2002.

Steve holds Computer Engineering and MBA in Information Systems degrees from Drexel University. You can follow MetaVis on Twitter @MetaVisTech or read the MetaVis blog at

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Managing Security and Permissions in SharePoint, The Hard Way

Organizations deal with a lot of confidential information every day, information that is typically managed using business applications, like SharePoint. That means that properly implemented and managed security is critical to these applications.

With SharePoint, you can implement effective security, but managing it with the tools you get out of the box isn’t the easiest. Here we look at the challenges you will face managing security and permissions within SharePoint and discuss why you should make it a key element of your Information Architecture plan.