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Lorraine is Magnolia’s Senior Content Strategist, and plans and carries out many different content and communications strategies. She also writes a wide range of materials about and around Magnolia - opinion articles, case studies, web copy, and last but not least, blog posts. When she’s not being a wordsmith, she's busy nagging her kids to be perfect.

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Magnolia to tour Europe with DX Days roadshow

April 27 , 2017 - Basel, Switzerland - Magnolia, the Swiss CMS vendor, today announced an ambitious new European roadshow that will give digital experience professionals unique insights into some of the biggest and most innovative digital experiences in the world. DX Days will take place in Amsterdam, London, Milan and Berlin, and will run from May to November this year.

The company also announced its 2017 unconference, which will take place on June 21 in Basel, Switzerland. The event offers Magnolia users a unique forum where they can set the agenda to share their expertise and learn from each other. There will also be a series of technical workshops on June 22.