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husband, father, son, technology consultant. I write for many of the top tech blogs. I tweet all things related to the tech industry. Everyone once and awhile I'll write something for Dell.

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Cloud Computing is Now Mainstream. What Does That Mean for Your Business?

Cloud computing started out as a fledgling tool for businesses, but in recent years, it has grown to be one of the most beneficial and trusted tools in the modern business landscape. Like it or not, cloud computing is now mainstream, used by more businesses and average consumers than ever, and it only means the future of cloud computing will feature even more growth. With the serious effect it’s having on the business world, what does this mean for you?

Taking Wearables to the Next Level

Wearable technology has become more advanced than ever in recent years; first came the emergence of smartwatches, then digital eyeglasses, and now even clothing which can monitor your health and stream data to your phone. One has to wonder where wearables are headed, with so many users seeking out the newest and the best, and companies striving to meet this demand. The answer is: only up.

What Companies Are Doing to Make Theirs Stand Out

Smart Wearables and Cloud Security: The Rise of Mobile Malware

When you look at the greatest technological advances of the past several decades, it's clear that software has taken the lead. While hardware continues to improve, get smaller and do more with less, it's software that has enabled feature-rich operating systems that can exist on an interface barely larger than your hand. Hardware has maintained a more or less consistent form. It's no wonder then that many corporations are still painfully in the dark ages when it comes to the increase in the BYOD ecosystem.

Using Big Data to Track Consumer Behavior

It seems like companies have an insatiable desire for information. In the era of big data there’s never enough, and organizations are constantly on the lookout not only for new types of information, but new sources from which to glean it. Of course, big data isn’t a crystal ball (though it’s sometimes hyped up to be), but it’s a great means of learning a number of different things, including personal preferences. The more we interact with different brands, and voice our opinions on social channels, the more we reveal who we are, our habits and overall behavior.

A Skeptical Forecast for Wearable Tech

At the beginning of 2014, a lot of people predicted it would be the year wearable technology really broke through. The promises of Google Glass and rumors of Apple Watch exited us, and we could already see the success of things like fitness bands. However, as the year is coming to a close, we now realize we were a little presumptuous. In fact, we can’t even be sure 2015 will be the year for wearables.