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Eleanor is the founder and managing editor of Designerly Magazine. She’s also a web design consultant with a focus on customer experience and user interface. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and dogs, Bear and Lucy.

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Next Gen LED Is Paving the Way and Leaving Conventional Lighting in the Dust

LED lights have been a money- and energy-saving staple for businesses and households. They are a convenient, simplistic switch to a greener lifestyle with long-term benefits. These bulbs have been burning bright since their popularity in the late 2000s, but it is time for a structural overhaul. Recent research proves there is still a long way to go before they are the ideal light source, so what does the path look like for the next gen LED lights?

New Research Finds Positive Customer Experience Is Impacted by Biophilia

Businesses are constantly seeking ways to create a positive customer experience. One of the latest approaches gaining momentum is the incorporation of biophilia, our innate connection to nature. Recent research has shed light on the significant impact that biophilic design can have on customers’ overall experience.

As a business owner, you may be curious about how to implement this concept to create a more engaging and enjoyable environment for your customers. Discover the latest research findings and practical applications of biophilic design principles so you can make your business flourish.

The Top Inventory Management Strategies to Maximize Efficiency

Top inventory management strategies involve creating systems to ensure smooth supply chain movement from procurement to order fulfillment. It’s natural for bottlenecks to occur in the system. When management adopts the right processes, productivity soars. 

What Are 5 Popular Inventory Management Strategies?

The ways businesses track their inventory and order supplies has changed since COVID-19 struck the shores of America. The U.S. Census Bureau's Pulse Survey indicated around 38.8% of small business owners dealt with domestic supplier delays and plan to change the way they order. 

How and Why Tech Businesses Should Embrace Women's History Month

Women’s History Month occurs annually in March. It’s an excellent opportunity to celebrate the females of past and present who have made significant contributions to their communities, society and the world. It’s also a fantastic way for tech businesses to honor women in the workplace and beyond. 

Why Should Tech Businesses Celebrate Women’s History Month?

Many women feel — and are — underrepresented in the workplace and the world, even when they contribute as much or more than their male-identifying colleagues. This reality is especially stark in the tech industry. Improvements are underway, but there’s still much more work to accomplish.

How to Determine If Your Tech Business Takes Enough Risks

Starting a company is a risk in itself. Tech businesses sometimes take years to see growth. It’s natural to feel pressure as an entrepreneur with employees and clients relying on success. Unfortunately, some CEOs get into the habit of avoiding risks and taking the safe road. Doing so may mean the brand misses out on excellent opportunities. 

Finding the right balance between risk-taking and risk-avoidance ensures a brand grows steadily without imploding on itself. Taking the wrong risks costs companies money and may even cause them to shut their doors permanently.

These Are the Top Tech Upgrades Your Business Needs to Make in 2023

Most small business owners know how important technology is to their business. It allows them to compete with further-established organizations and achieve more growth. Yet, budget constraints often keep business owners from investing in the latest tech. 

Instead of investing in every innovation, consider optimizing your budget by focusing on your business's most important tech upgrades.

1. Virtual Reality for Recruitment and Onboarding

VR (virtual reality) is a great way to get to know potential employees. There are various ways you can use VR for recruiting and onboarding, including the following:

How Laser Technology Is Reshaping the Manufacturing Industry

Lasers are used for many different purposes in the modern world. They can reduce the appearance of scars and fine lines, etch on almost any type of material, help surgeons operate and also speedup and produce better quality industrial goods.

The cost of lasers was once so prohibitive that only the largest factories were able to experiment with them. However, the prices keep coming down as the technology becomes more commonplace. Laser technology is now within the reach of smaller manufacturing facilities. 

How to Best Support Your Remote Development Team

The need for productive remote development teams is crucial in the modern age. Because the pandemic expedited the transition to remote work, numerous tools and tips surfaced all at once for businesses to try until they found the perfect combination for their remote teams. To mitigate sifting through countless streams of advice, here is how to best support your remote development team, so they stay accountable and motivated.