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Devin Partida is the Editor-in-Chief of, and is especially interested in writing about IT and BizTech. Devin's work has been featured on AT&T, Forbes and Nasdaq.

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Preventing Spam Calls to Businesses

Telemarketers interrupt the workday and prevent genuine customers and business partners from getting through, affecting the bottom line. That’s why companies should block spam calls. Here’s how to do it.

How Can Companies Know if a Call Is Not Legitimate?

Businesses often can’t tell which calls are legitimate since people can spoof numbers and fake caller identification. The most common way to prevent this is by listing work phone numbers on the Do Not Call registry. Still, some organizations already engage in illegal calling practices and will continue to attempt contact.

How Leaders Can Promote Employee Well-Being Through Benefits

Benefits can improve employees’ mental health, financial stability, job satisfaction, productivity and more. Leaders can strategically invest in benefits to promote a supportive work environment focused on helping employees thrive. What are the benefits of offering employee benefits, and how do leaders choose the right options? 

Business Leaders Need to Continue Embracing Collaborative Environments

Remote work and an overall shift in mindset have changed the landscape of the modern workplace. Top-down leadership styles are increasingly falling out of favor while team-oriented efforts are gaining popularity. Business owners and managers must emphasize collaboration to create positive, productive work environments.