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An enthusiast writer, passionate about technology.I write mostly on Open Source services and technologies and currently working with CIGNEX Datamatics, an Open Source solutions company, based out of Michigan, US. You can contact me on chandni.bhagchandani @

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Driving Employee Engagement with Social Intranet Software

Employees are disengaged at work, and organizations have been exploring how social and digital technologies can address this problem. The key to success in business is to have a connected, integrated and involved employee base. All over the world, enterprise-grade intranet portals are currently used in the digital workplace to improve synchronization, store corporate documents, policies and executive directives, and thus, bolster productivity.

The Basics of Intranet

Understanding the Changing World of B2B Ecommerce

Little attention has been given to B2B Ecommerce until now. In the last decade, B2B commerce industry has witnessed huge traction in user base and sales, and still continues to do so today. Decision makers are doing digital searches and purchases rather than browsing through catalogs and placing orders through sales representatives. We consume more information in a day than what our ancestors did in a lifetime. As the Ecommerce industry continues to evolve, we are watching for the latest trends and list four ways you can improve the B2B Ecommerce buying experience.