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I have been working in the CMS industry for the past 4 years and I'm particularly fond of the open source ones.

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Jahia Announces the Availability of Jahia xCM 6.6.2 and Jahia Wise 1.8

The new versions provide an exceptional level of performance for strategic digital portals of large organizations.

Jahia, the open source vendor of new generation Java CMS solutions, today announces the availability of Jahia xCM 6.6.2 in Community and Enterprise distributions, and of Jahia Wise 1.8, its social and collaborative document sharing solution (Enterprise distribution).

Jahia announces Jahia Wise: All-in-one Enterprise Social and Collaborative Document Sharing

Jahia, provider of the next-generation Open Source CMS, announced today the release of Jahia Wise, a brand new enterprise product in the field of Social and Collaborative Document Sharing. 

All-in-one Enterprise Social and Collaborative Document Sharing

Jahia Wise offers all the most popular features when talking about social and collaborative document sharing for a fraction of the cost charged by proprietary vendors, with no need for costly integration and maintenance. And it’s ready-to-deploy.

Jahia Launches Jahia 6.6

Jahia 6.6 raises User Experience building to a new standard and further enhances the strengths of the platform 

Washington DC, USA - Jahia, provider of Java-based open source next generation CMS solutions, announced today the new version of its flagship CMS product in version 6.6 with two major areas of improvements: the platform management and Jahia Studio, its visual integration tool to build highly customized and personalized User Experiences.