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White Paper: Managing Content in the Transactional Application with Movable Type

I'm very selective when it comes to promoting white papers. A white paper is a document often used as a marketing or sales tool in business. White papers are long-form content designed to promote a products or service which often use selected facts favorable to the company sponsoring the document. That use of "selected facts" bothers the natural-born scientist in me. However, every now and then you come across one of these papers that holds true, is well written, and by an author or analyst you respect.

Movable Type 6 surfaces with mobile features

Movable Type brings scalability, stability and security to the newest version of its publishing platform

Movable Type, the publishing platform developed by Six Apart, announced yesterday the launch of its latest version, Movable Type 6, which is now available in North America and Japan.  The version’s debut marks the next phase of the Movable Type Creating Momentum campaign in North America, aimed at reestablishing Movable Type’s foothold as the premier content management system, particularly among mid-market and enterprise businesses.

Movable Type 5.2.6 Features Four Brand New Functions

Today, developers announced the availability of Movable Type 5.2.6 and 5.15. The Movable Type 5.2.6 release offers fixes for bugs found after the release of version 5.2.3 and features four brand new functions. At the same time, Movable Type 5.15 also have been released. This update also includes fixes for bugs found in Movable Type EZ versions 5.2.4 and 5.2.5.

Movable Type 5.2 takes it to the next level

Website Publishing Platform Raises the Bar on Your Web Experience

New York, N.Y. – September 26th, 2012 – Movable Type, a world leading online publishing platform, released the most advanced version of their software today, Movable Type 5.2. Movable Type has been a leader in the blogging and web content manage industry since their launch in 2001.  

For the novice: 7 Content Management Systems

A website content management system (CMS) is software used to effectively manage the content of your website. A CMS helps website administrator to ‘upload’, ‘edit’ and ‘add’ content without any knowledge of web programming. Content management systems offers a range of benefits to website administrator and due to this they are highly popular among web community.

There are many CMSs on the market but you need to select the one based on your needs. If you are going to use a CMS for the first time, we recommend you choose a user-friendly CMS that does not add any kind of complexity on your part.

What follows is a list of what I believe to be the seven best web content management systems for novices:


If you are a small business or a blogger, WordPress is an ideal choice for you. WordPress CMS software is developed by hundreds of community members and it includes a number of themes and plug-ins for appealing and effective website design.


Joomla CMS is widely used in web applications as well as website development. Due to its user-friendliness and flexibility, it is amongst the most popular CMS on the market today. Joomla CMS is open source software thus available for free download to all.


Drupal is open source website CMS software and It is used to create a wide verities of sites from a small scale personal blogging websites to large-scale community websites.

Movable Type 5 features social publishing

Six Apart announced the release of Movable Type 5 this week. Traditionally a blogging application, Movable Type 5 brings new features into the Web application that evolves it into a more rounded social publishing system. This release includes two versions:

  • Movable Type 5.01 - commercial license
  • Movable Type Open Source 5.01 - open source license

Movable Type 5 Logo The goal of Movable Type 5 is to give businesses, organizations and individuals a single, unified software package with integrated website and blog capabilities.  It's been enhanced for the easy creation, administration and management of websites and blogs - all from a single user dashboard.

Here are some of the new and improved features in MT5:

  • A new user dashboard for both the website and blogs. This makes it easy for authors, editors, designers and other publishers to easily navigate between the two.
  • A new theme mechanism that makes it easy to apply a new theme across a website and blogs with a single click that proliferates changes throughout the published site.
  • Enhanced content management features that include revision history and new custom fields. There are five new object types for custom fields: website, blog, comment, template and asset.

"Snappy" Movable Type 4.3 is Available

This week, Matt Jacobs announced the availability of Movable Type 4.3. Jacobs calls Movable Type 4.3 "snappy" and states that this release "makes composing, publishing, and searching in Movable Type easier than ever".

Version 4.3 of this social publishing platform includes the following new features and improvements:

  • Smarter Search and Pagination - Several new ways to drill down your search (author, category and date), which lays the groundwork for the ability to paginate your index and archives. The ability to paginate comments, which will dramatically improve publish times on prolific comment threads.
  • Entry Asset Manager - Movable Type has been improved by the way it handles assets like photos, which means it's much easier to make slideshows and editing entries that use assets.
  • Summary Object Framework - This is Movable Type's first step in dramatically improving performance for larger installations.

Movable Type: Buckinghamshire Advertiser - It's Not Just A Blog

This excerpt reminds me of long debates I had in my meteorology days over which is sunnier, "partly cloudy" or "partly sunny"?  I like Movable Type's answer to the long standing IT question...can just a blog be a full CMS?

There are often debates about this sort of thing — if you’re using a tool like Movable Type, which is platform designed for blogging, but it’s being used as a general content management system, is the output still a blog? Our answer: Who cares?

Akismet: New Movable Type Plugin

Akismet announced that a new version of the Movable Type plugin (Version 1.03) has been made available. Akismet is a service for blog applications and other content management systems that filter out comment spam and trackback spam. The new Movable Type plugin for Akismet was necessary because many users were having problems with the previous plugin breaking after users upgraded to Movable Type 3.31.