How Tech Greatly Impacts the Entertainment Industry

New technology is constantly changing the entertainment landscape. Last decade, this looked like the rise of streaming, which transformed how most people watch films and TV.

Now, innovations like artificial intelligence, the internet of things and big data analysis are having an impact across the economy — and especially in entertainment. 

Over the past year, as the COVID-19 pandemic forced us indoors, the entertainment industry used this new technology to adapt. This is how tech has changed both how media is made and delivered to consumers.

A new magazine for a new era in data protection

Launched on Sunday 20th May, the Data Protection Magazine focuses on current data protection issues. The first edition features interviews with Abigail Dubiniecki, Specialist at My Inhouse Lawyer, and Nicola McKilligan Regan, Senior Partner at Privacy Partnership, alongside other experts covering topics including, GDPR, blockchain, PSD2, and PECR.

Contributors to the magazine include data protection expert Ardi Kolah, Executive Fellow and Director of the GDPR Transition Programme at Henley Business School. In this issue, Ardi has written features on blockchain technology and a summary of GDPR.

How Axel Springer transformed its publishing business

Ongoing digital transformation has helped leading German publisher Axel Springer become one of Europe’s largest media companies, with almost three-quarters of revenue coming from digital channels.

“Only 10 years ago, just 1% of Axel Springer’s revenue and profits could be attributed to digital,” said Dr. Andreas Wiele, member of the board and president of classified media at Axel Springer. “Today, more than 65% of our revenue and more than 80% of our profits are digital.”

Female Political Journalists Impacted by Twitter Gender Glass Ceiling

Lissted, the influencer discovery and real-time Twitter filtering platform, has published in-depth research into the comparative retweet performance of male and female UK politics journalists during the 2017 General Election campaign period.

The research found male UK politics journalists received 4.3x more retweets from influential Twitter users compared to their female colleagues, and 4.9x more retweets from Twitter users as a whole.

The disparity was due to a combination of four main factors (relative importance in brackets):

Appatura Selects SDL to Enhance Automated Publishing

Leading provider of smart content management solutions for the financial industry to leverage SDL technology for complex, high-volume publishing needs

WAKEFIELD, Mass. – September 6, 2016 – SDL today announced that Appatura has selected SDL XPP, the industry's premier XML publishing solution, to augment its newest content and digital publishing platform, Real Time Disclosure.

The Washington Post tops list of most popular US newspaper sites on Twitter

Research by Searchmetrics identifies most tweeted newspaper stories in 2013

New York - January 09, 2014 - The Washington Post, New York Times and USA Today figure in the top three positions in a study which analyzes prominent US newspaper websites for their popularity on social network, Twitter.

Content from USA Today and the Washington Post was also found to dominate the list of the top ten most tweeted newspaper website stories during 2013 in the study by digital marketing software and services company, Searchmetrics.

WordPress 3.8: Fresh Look for Site Administrators and Magazine Publishers

Over the weekend, I spent some much needed time doing some maintenance work for my wife's photography site which runs on WordPress. One of the concerns I had with the release and automatic update of WordPress 3.8 is how it might impact the Photocrati theme package my wife uses for the site. So far, I haven't found any issues related to the WordPress 3.8 upgrade.

CoreMedia Launches New CMS for Media and Entertainment

CoreMedia recently announced the availability of a new content management solution tailored for the media and entertainment industry. The CoreMedia Solution for Media and Entertainment provides a comprehensive CMS solution for broadcasters, publishers and media portal providers to create and deliver highly optimized and contextual experiences for their online audiences.

Content Management Fans Will Want To Watch CMS-Connected

There is a a new show in town and that show is called CMS-Connected. CMS-Connected is a monthly news show, streamed live on the TPN Network and primarily focused on the content management industry. This show is so impressive that when Gary Eisenstein, Founder of CMS Connected, asked me if CMS Report would help sponsor the show I didn't hesitate in saying yes.

CMS-Connected showcases the top products and platforms on the content management market, latest technologies, innovations, mergers and acquisitions, and CMS related news. Last month, I joked about my 1.5 seconds of fame on the last show but in actuality the entire show is "must-see".

What I like most about CMS-Connected is that it is a chance for us to meet the people behind the products and the analysis. You'll hear plenty of commentary from leading CMS experts, analysts and participating guests. Many of these hosts and guests for this show are friends in the industry we have all gotten to know or should know. Twitter and social media is fine for discussing content management...but this show makes the conversation so much more personal.