Building A Successful B2B Social Media Marketing Campaign

If you are asked to think about a page/profile that is very successful on social media, you will hardly think of a Business to Business (B2B) company. This is because Business to Customer (B2C) companies have understood much more quickly the importance of this medium as a digital marketing strategy and dominated the market. But it is foolish to think that social networking is only about talking to end consumers.

The How Many Active Users on Social Networks Infographic

Earlier this week, I questioned whether social media could replace my need to blog. In my article, I mentioned that Google+ and LinkedIn as social network platforms are able to provide near blog-like functions. Since that article posted, I've already heard comments from my Facebook and Twitter friends that no one uses Google+. I respectfully disagree with my friends. While people like to call Google+ a ghost town the numbers would indicate otherwise.

Kentico 8.1 Connects with SharePoint, LinkedIn, and Store Managers

This week, Kentico Software announced the release of Kentico 8.1. According to the company, Kentico 8.1 features a variety of new enhancements that bring greater website performance and ease of use to the digital marketing activities of today’s digital agencies and professional marketers. With new “Buy X, get Y” discount capabilities, Kentico 8.1 promises to offer customers new ways to maximize their online sales.

Coerced into Social Networking Sites

Julia Angwin of the Wall Street Journal recently wrote that she wanted to remake herself into a new least into a new person as seen by Google.  When Ms Angwin searched on Google using her own name she continued to see an old article written by her on top of the search results page .  Although the link to the old article was popular, she didn't feel the article was her best work nor that it reflected who she was today.  She then starts on an adventure into search engine optimization (SEO) as she tries