Three New CMS Releases: ImpressPages, Jahia, and Umbraco

Given the flurry of product announcements this week, my desk is stacked high with press releases and requests for review. The most notable of these recent announcements are for ImpressPages 4.0, Jahia 7, and Umbraco 7.1. Each of these content management systems deserve their own review. However, this is a Friday and time isn't on my side. So, I thought at the least there would be value in mentioning the release of these products and give you the option to follow up on your own for additional information.

ImpressPages CMS 1.0.8 Announced

ImpressPages 1.0.8 GraphicImpressPages CMS 1.0.8 gives more freedom and ability to be the master of your website. Copy a table from any other resource (MS Word, MS Excel, other website, etc.) and see how it automatically adapts to your website’s style. Forget 3rd party tools to have fully functional contact or registration form on your website; just drag&drop a widget for that. Create unique content administration area with only a few lines of code.

Here's a list of most important updates and fixes:

  • Added table widget
  • Additional contact form fields: select box, checkbox, radio buttons
  • Saved or not saved status of the page
  • You can move ip_config.php in upper directory for safety (above public_html, htdocs, etc.)
  • Automatic check for a new version
  • MagicQuotes ON support
  • Autologin option in user module