Mailbag: TERMINALFOUR announces V8.1 and impact on higher education

Within the past couple days, I've received emails and phone calls from TERMINALFOUR's marketing best encouraging me to cover the company's latest news. The announcement concerns new software from TERMINALFOUR, which the company believes will help universities drive students to register to attend through better online engagement. The company already works with leading universities across the United States including the University of Florida, Texas Woman’s University and Central Wyoming College.

Docebo expands operations in Asia Pacific region via partnership with Bloom Training and Recruitment

The New Zealand-based training and recruitment specialist, Bloom Training and Recruitment, is partnering with Docebo, producers of the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Enterprise learning management system (LMS). This partnership enables Docebo to expand its presence in the Asia Pacific marketplace.

Quoting IT: Learn from Success

"People say that failure is important because it teaches you. I think that you can learn more from success. You learn what works as opposed to what doesn’t work. As no success is perfect, you still learn from the effort and improve from there.

That ability to learn is how you become a successful CMS professional."

- Laurence Hart, The Content Management Expert Paradox, Word of Pie, March 26, 2012.

Quoting IT: The Power of Knowing Nothing

Sometimes I can't help myself from saying some of the darndest things via Twitter or comments in other people's blogs. I posted the following in this Gadgetopia article regarding Google and PHP:

This is a perfect example for why I say it's better to claim you know nothing instead of something.

When you claim you know something there is always someone bound to prove you know nothing. When you claim you know nothing there are always people out there that assume you know a lot more than you know.

University lecture on Drupal

Kieran Lal, Acquia, recently had the opportunity to give a presentation on Drupal in front of an information system's course at San Francisco State College. It's a good video for anyone that wants to learn everything they possibly can about Drupal and given only one hour to do so. I would have loved to seen more questions and answers on the video as Kieran is one of those people that responds very well when people present him with good questions and good ideas.

7 great CMS Report articles from 2008 you still need to read

In keeping with tradition, the following are seven articles that were posted here at and received less attention than I had hoped.  Either the reader didn't show up to view the article or there was little discussion on the subject matter.  I'll let you be the judge on whether these articles deserved the obscurity they received in 2008.

Augustana College using Drupal

Augustana College, a United States college affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, is using Drupal.  According to Augustana's Web Editor the site was developed by Tim Broeker of Electric Jet using Drupal 5. Electric Pulp, a local Sioux Falls company, also contributed to the project by doing the design and CSS work.

I don't think I've ever met Tim Broeker, but what is interesting about this Drupal site developer is that he also has a Joomla! Core Team connection. Yes indeed, open source does matter.

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