Contegro v4.0 Changing the Face of Website CMS

The face will be familiar to millions, but in the world of Website CMS this trusted global innovation is yet to be seen until now. With the release of Contegro Version 4, comes a Window’s style desktop that will make even first-time Website CMS users feel like experts.

It’s yet another step towards Contegro’s continuing advancement in completely removing the developer from the website life-cycle, and empowering designers with the sole power to create and manage functionally-rich websites. “Contegro Version 4’s interface brings simplicity and usability in Web CMS to a whole new level,” says Contegro founder Vaughan Reed. “The Window’s Desktop interface is already familiar, so for users every action is intuitive.”

Contegro Version 4’s new Interface and multi-tasking workspace concept is set to revolutionise Web CMS. Take a look at the following key feature releases.

A completely transformed CMS interface

Contegro v4 removes the need to open up multiple browser tabs to manage many different areas of a website or even independent sites; everything can be managed from the new interface. “It makes multi-tasking so simple,” says Reed. “The increase in productivity that can be achieved when setting-up and managing sites by using the new interface, is really exciting.”

Contegro Interface