Zengenti launches Insytful, a governance tool for improving accessibility and website performance

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Zengenti launches Insytful, a governance tool for improving accessibility and website performance

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Zengenti launches digital governance tool ahead of Global Accessibility Day to combat online accessibility challenges.

Zengenti, the creator of Contensis, headless content management system (CMS), has announced the launch of its new accessible site improvement platform, Insytful, in an effort to ensure web content is universally accessible for all.

Launching officially ahead of Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD, 16 May) Insytful aims to tackle online inclusivity by combining a selection of industry-leading tools and its own scanning technologies to monitor a website’s accessibility rating, performance and content quality, to improve user experience and SEO rankings.

While there have been improvements made to online accessibility since the pandemic, the continued lack of accessibility in technology is reportedly causing a widening skills gap for disabled workers in the UK, in particular those in the tech sector.

Zengenti’s new site improvement platform, available to all industries and individuals, also enables web users to improve the performance of their website by evaluating how searchable, accessible and enjoyable their website is for external visitors.

Currently, 14.6 million registered disabled UK residents are being excluded from the web. Whether when accessing digital services for employability and earning benefits, for retail transactions, or simply to communicate with friends and family - this equates to £8 trillion in lost revenue, per annum, by businesses ignoring the needs of disabled people and, as a result, the significant loss of custom.

By introducing a simpler, user-friendly app that allows anyone – whether a developer, marketer or content editor – to conduct an online audit regardless of technical ability, Zengenti has addressed a gap in the accessibility testing software market.

Unique to the industry, the Insytful app, which can scan any website, is offering to scan 100 pages for free, with no time limit, in order to make accessible websites a reality, regardless of budget.

While the launch of Insytful seeks to help web users who are permanently, temporarily or situationally disabled, the digital governance tool will also ensure that digital teams can easily check that their content is accessible, SEO-friendly and does not have broken links.

Levente Feher, Insytful product manager, said:

The launch of Insytful is a big milestone in our effort to diffuse online exclusivity. While we know a website can never really be 100% accessible, it’s crucial that we’re making the process of scanning, testing and rectifying accessibility barriers easier.

Right now, although the online testing solutions available on the market are making strides in the right direction, many of them can be difficult to operate, clunky and lack user flexibility. One of the main drivers of hesitation towards online accessibility testing tools, however, is often their sheer cost - even just to get started. This can alienate people, despite knowing the significant difference it can make to so many users’ lives. Insytful aims to remove these roadblocks so we can move forward.

Levente, added:

After solely focusing on our product, Contensis, for 20 years, it’s been exciting to expand our product team to create Insytful after advocating for accessibility for so long. We’ve been working hard to create a product that addresses the needs of the market, and we’re pleased to provide the tools users need to make their website and content accessible.

For more information about Insytful, visit https://www.insytful.com/ or sign up to join the waiting list to audit 100 pages of your website for free and make inaccessible content a thing of the past.