Wordpress.org: Google Summer of Code

I really can't display every open source project's invitation for college students to apply to Google's Summer of Code.  But just like the invitation from Drupal, WordPress would be another one of those projects I wouldn't have minded working on when I was going to college.

Looking for something fun to do this summer? All college and university students around the world are invited to apply to get paid $4,500 USD to work on your favorite open source project this summer. WordPress is among the 131 accepted to Google Summer of Code, of more than 300 projects that applied.

We have eight committed volunteers who are enthusiastic to mentor, learn, and make WordPress a little better in the process.

Check out our ideas for projects, or propose your own. You must apply by March 24. Good luck!

Thumbnail of Turbo Pascal V4 - 1987Coding during my college years would have been a whole lot more fun than some of the jobs I did have while in school.  There is only so much reward you can get from stocking shelves at a grocery store during the night shift.  Of course I'm not so sure Turbo Pascal would really have been up to the tasks of today's Web 2.0 environment.