Why Outdoor Marketing can be Beneficial for Your Business

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Why Outdoor Marketing can be Beneficial for Your Business

Wed, 10/31/2018 - 06:36
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When it comes to marketing, there is no single “golden formula” for success. Your business needs good marketing, if you’re striving for success, however, marketing is a broad term, and it asks for some serious investment of both your time and your resources. In this article, we will talk about outdoor marketing, and how it can affect your business in the most positive way possible.

Even though we live in the age of the internet, and when all types of ads are constantly thrown at us, we still need offline marketing. Outdoor advertising and marketing hold numerous amazing benefits for almost any type of business. That’s why we’ve decided to do a little bit of researching, and now we’re here. This article should help you understand how you can use outdoor marketing to get ahead with your own business, so let’s check it out.

Nothing Stands In Between Consumer and Advertisement

We have all gotten so used to using the internet that quite a lot of people forgot how marketing strategies looked like back in the day. Nowadays we mostly focus on call-to-action (CTAs), social media, landing pages, and all the other tools from the digital marketing arsenal. What we forget in this process is that for any of those tools to actually work, you need to cross the barrier between the consumer and your advertisement, and make the consumer willing to engage.

When it comes to outdoor marketing, the only barrier between an ad and your potential consumer is non-existent. Consumers don’t have to enter specific areas to learn about your services or a product; they don’t have to fill in any type of forms; all that’s required from your basic consumer is to notice the ad. If it has been placed properly, and if the campaign has been thoroughly planned out, practice like this can really help your business skyrocket.

Absolute Market Reach and Coverage

One of the first things that come in mind when we talk about outdoor advertising is the fact that it gets quite easy to cover the complete market with just one or two strategically placed ads. How is this possible, when even the best digital marketing strategies can’t guarantee such results? The answer is simple – outdoor marketing simply has the best potential reach.

When you place your advertisement on a bus, or in a subway car, your target audience can be absolutely anyone. Considering how many people are using public transportation, without even mentioning those people who can see an advertisement on a bus or a metro, without using it, you can get a clear picture on why outdoor advertising is still extremely efficient.

Reinforcing Media Mix

There is a generalized rule of advertising that states how people need to see certain things at least 10 times before they decide to take action. Of course, these numbers are just an example, but when you take a step back and think about it, it really can make a significant impact.

Using billboards, building spaces, public transportation, or any other method can really help your business become visible. Imagine an average commuter who uses transit bus and a metro to reach their downtown office. This person will go through multiple public spaces covered in your ads. This will create a sense of habit and a sense of “knowing the product”. Once they become used to your ads, and when those ads become part of someone’s subconsciousness, there aren’t many steps before that person decides to act on it. This theoretical situation would completely be avoided if a person wasn’t bombarded with just the right amount of advertising at the right time.

There are numerous ways on how to use these public spaces, but both you and your marketing team will have to go through a detailed and organized plan for implementing advertisement ideas. Talk to your employees, organize a poll, and look for original ideas, things you haven’t seen yet. There is a significant difference between using a lone billboard by a street with no traffic at all, and an affordable advertisement fence mesh banners strategically placed to hide the building site of your new company. Do your research, and you will soon realize the best way to implement your offline outdoor marketing to suit your business needs in the best possible way.

Higher Conversion Rates and Increase in Value

Numerous advertising companies agree that most of the commuters and travelers decide on purchasing something while they are not home. These purchases take place most commonly while they’re commuting and traveling to and from their daily jobs. This makes outdoor marketing even more appealing, as it affects your consumers directly.

Another amazing thing with outdoor marketing is the fact that it has a much larger cost per thousand impressions than any other type of advertisement. Out-of-home impressions are one of the most important factors for almost any marketer or advertisement professional, as it generates much higher value for the original investment. Compared to the digital marketing strategies, the difference is enormous, but it also has a much broader audience to satisfy.

Wrapping It Up

These are just some of the major benefits outdoor marketing can provide for your business. Keep in mind that any successful business needs well planned out marketing strategy if you want to achieve any form of success. Outdoor marketing is incredibly efficient, but you will also need to learn about digital marketing and overall marketing campaign organization if you are really looking to build a successful company. Talk to your employees, learn as much as you can about marketing and advertising in general, and follow these tips. It can significantly improve your business in countless ways.