What is the secret to the rising popularity of hanging displays among the market toppers?

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What is the secret to the rising popularity of hanging displays among the market toppers?

Fri, 08/31/2018 - 13:50
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After you walk into a huge departmental store or shopping mall, what are a few things you notice immediately? Apart from the people and the prevailing fashion trends, we tend to see the crowd of brands and the abundance of standees in all directions. Unless you know where a particular shop is, it is almost impossible to guess its location or find it on the signage. There are way too many LED signs and branding banners that create persistent distractions instead of giving us directions. That is when we notice the ceiling and the displays hanging from it.

Why is hanging display adverts famous even now?

Hanging displays are always unique due to their placement. Unless the viewing distance is relatively short, putting plenty of information and subtext on ceiling mounted adverts does not make much sense. Most of the times at the malls and arcades you will notice the familiar brands with known logos up there on fabric displays or vinyl displays hanging from stout frames. Sometimes, pop-up stores inside malls and at trade expos resort to hanging advertisement of their brands to attract the attention of the frequenters.

Do hanging displays have to be static images or print adverts only?

Thanks to modern tech, hanging displays are no longer just fabric or vinyl anymore. LCD electronic displays are rapidly gaining tremendous popularity among the target audience and brand owners alike. Since the user can opt for static messages or video advertisements akin to TVCs on the LCD and LED platforms, businesses are keen on leveraging the power of modern technology to attract the attention of a bigger and high paying audience through the use of hanging installations. Suspended LED screens do not weigh as much. The particular frames for the installation usually come from the company that provides these displays. It is a form of out-of-home (OOH) advertising that has the potential to skyrocket the returns on investment (ROI).

How can you add some pop to your brand presence?

Apart from the traditional flat 2-dimensional displays, you can also try modified three-dimensional structures as the base. These options are applicable for print advertising that uses vinyl or fabric as the base. Vinyl offers true to life color saturation and an incredible selection of themes as per the necessity of the business. You must have already seen favorite brands like Coca-Cola, GoPro and Nikon utilize these from time to time inside mall spaces. Apart from famous enterprises, small developing businesses can also opt for hanging installations due to their pocket-friendly costs and (almost always) free installation options.

What kind of display option is falling behind on popularity?

There is another popular option of hanging displays where the display screen is a white sheet of fabric or vinyl. The brands paying for this installation select the images and videos that a projector casts on the screen directly. It is only possible when there is space enough for the installation of the projector and the screen. However, this practice is outdated and does not offer high-resolution pictures. Especially in brightly lit environments like arcades and trade exhibitions, marketers require expensive anti-glare screens that selectively reflect light from the projectors. It is too much hassle for the provider and the businesses. As a result, this hanging display practice has almost gone out of fashion in most modern urban markets.

What are the benefits of working with a hanging display for your brand?

Working with a service provider that has been in the advertising and marketing domain for quite a few years will give you the distinct advantage of hassle-free installation. Here are a few other benefits of hanging display units you can enjoy –

  1. The power of conspicuous placement - They boost brand visibility in any location. Irrespective of the type of commercial space you are utilizing, having a display above the average signboard height of shops will command extra visibility. Targeting consumers in an almost saturated market has become effortless with the advent of ceiling display options.
  2. They bring additional attention -Hanging installations will also maximize the brand recall. Hoardings, standees, window displays and LED screens have become a part of our daily lives. We see them while we walk down to the subway and when we return home from the office. There is nothing extraordinary about them that can attract our attention immediately. The position of the hanging displays offers an edge to the display brands.
  3. Easy installation options - In most of the cases, the printing and installation company will also deliver it to your location. Although it is easy to assemble and install, the suspension process requires specific precautionary measures. Your marketing service provider or signage provider should be able to offer professional help in the matter.
  4. These display units are sustainable - The right advertisement display service always uses environmentally friendly materials to make these signage units. Whether it is a fabric layout or a vinyl background, you can be sure that the resources are renewable and the technology is sustainable. They will offer transparent material options and the related information on resource utilization. ​​​​​​​
  5. These are highly adaptable - The technology covers a vast market. Food, beverages, makeup and beauty, healthcare, lifestyle, technology, electronics, household appliances and FMCG brands have been using hanging display units for the budget-friendly installation and resource friendly nature. That again brings us back to its versatile yet cost-effective nature.

You can utilize them for in-store advertisement as well

Hanging displays are not just for commercial areas that high flying brands dominate. You can choose these for your brand store as well. Their primary objective is to boost brand impact and sales. Therefore, installing them above the point of sale (POS) units inside your store can enhance the visibility of specific products. If you are launching a new product or service under your old brand name, you might want people to know a little more about these while they are waiting in queue to pay for their merchandise. You will notice such ceiling installations inside Target, Wal-Mart and even proprietary stores like H&M. They have the power to incept impulse purchases, unlike window displays.

Their pocket-friendly nature, flexibility, customizability and high visibility make hanging display advertisements the perfect choice for all brands. Irrespective of their marketing budget, companies can enjoy a high ROI with such smart display options.