Web 2.0 is for the Right Side of Your Brain

John Newton, Alfresco, has written an interesting posts regarding "Web 2.0".  I find the article interesting because I think Newton does bring up some new ideas or at least something that hasn't been talked about in some time.  Newton has observed that the main audience for those of Web 2.0 appear to be users that tend to think on the right side of your brain.  Newton also takes it one step further by saying perhaps it is time we start taking into account the personality types of users when it comes to CMS development.

This was a real revelation for me. However, I don’t think that John and Caterina shared my excitement. Maybe it’s already bleeding obvious. The next day I did a Google search on “Web 2.0” and right brain and didn’t find a lot. However, for me it is profound and it is something I think that we can apply immediately to the development of Alfresco. I am going to explore the concept more and I believe that there are implications from Myers-Briggs personality types in how they interact with the Internet.

Taking this further, this might also mean why those who are "left brainers" are kind of annoyed with this whole Web 2.0 terminology.  It has been my experience that while the general public still craves Web 2.0 those involved in the project are exhausted of hearing the phrase be used so much these days.  If you know anything about Myers-Briggs personality types you know there may be some truth to why some of the strongest groups that dislike the Web 2.0 concept appear to be the hard core developers.

In any case, I don't think until recently developers of Web content management systems originally intended to take their projects to the state where we are now, social networking.  How many developers originally intended for their content content management systems to become collaboration management systems?  More than likely, you see this as a good thing or bad thing depending if you're right brain or left brain!

John Newton's complete post can be read by clicking: Web 2.0 is for the Right Side of Your Brain.  Finally, if there is question to whether I'm left brain or right brain, I prefer to think of myself as middle brain.  I once took a "left or right" brain test and found that my strengths were pretty even on both sides.