Wayback challenge: When was your first site?

While most bloggers are using the new year to look ahead, I am not quite ready to make promises to the year of 2007. In fact, I am more inclined to looking at the past thanks to the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine.

I'd like to challenge anyone who has designed a web page to find the oldest site in the archive that they authored and post the Wayback Machine link in the comment section of this post. There are no prizes being awarded in this "contest" but I promise you can have some space for bragging rights. Feel free to include any history on the page that you feel is necessary to tell your story.

The archive contains archived web pages from 1996 to the near present. The oldest web pages I could find that I authored was from 1997 for the National Weather Service's forecast office in Sioux Falls, SD.

NWS Sioux Falls circa 1997

The above site actually originated in March 1996, but this 1997 image is the earliest I could find in the archive. Not very impressive is it? However, you have to remember that I was authoring with HTML 1.x and worried that Netscape's introduction of the blink element was pushing the envelope further than I wanted to go.

Back in 1996 I used an HPUX system, a text editor, as well as the Mosaic browser and a beta version of Netscape to design the site. By 1997, I had use of Microsoft's Frontpage to design and manage the site.

So again, what was the first Web page that you authored for the Internet? What was the first site that you authored with a content management system? Inquiring minds at CMSReport.com want to know!