Uber for Trucks: A list of popular on-demand trucking startups across the globe

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Uber for Trucks: A list of popular on-demand trucking startups across the globe

Sun, 10/20/2019 - 12:42
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Startups that are filling a need for on-demand trucking

It seems that we have applied the on-demand business model to almost anything we could lay our eyes upon – cab bookings, doctor appointments, movie tickets, home services, food delivery – the list is endless.

The latest addition to the on-demand economy are the Uber for trucking companies. You can simply use a mobile app to get access to trucks and drivers who help you to move your stuff. The service is also available for enterprises who can increase the efficiency of their supply chain and cut down logistics costs.

How Uber for Trucks Business Model Works?

An on-demand trucking business works almost on the same principle of an on-demand ride-hailing app. Shippers and companies use a mobile app/web interface to locate and book trucks and vans according to their requirements. Carriers/vehicle owners/drivers receive bookings through their app/web interface and send quotes/accept bookings at upfront rates or via freight bidding marketplace model.

The shipper pays the trucker after the delivery is successful. The on-demand trucking companies generally collect a share from the payments for acting as the digital matchmaker.

Uber Freight

Uber Freight is a hassle-free way for shippers to transport their load using the fleet of Uber trucks. Companies can book freight delivery using the app with access to transparent pricing and quick payments. The system matches shippers to carriers intelligently and can settle on a quote based on market conditions and other factors. The app allows tracking of the delivery process from loading to delivery.

FreightBro (India)

FreightBro is much more than just being an Uber for trucks app. It enables freight forwarding companies to gain visibility in the processes and generate instant and professional quotes in a few clicks. Freight forwarders can also manage documents, manage contracts and proactively handle exceptions using the platform.


Convoy provides the technology to bring efficiency to the supply chain industry. It aims to reduce waste by filling every truck and trailer to its full capacity. The Uber for trucking app uses intuitive algorithms to create smart routes which result in fuel savings. Convoy offers both hauling and shipping services.

Transfix (USA)

Transfix is one of the well-funded trucking startups which connects customers with a network of shippers and carriers. The company has a network of 80,000 active drivers providing their services across the USA. The on-demand trucking app uses proprietary algorithms which enable it to suggest numerous quotes in seconds accurately.


When we talk about logistics startups in India, the name of BlackBuck must be on the list. It’s claimed to be the largest trucking platform in India with 2,00,000 partner trucks serving across 1,000 location in India. The Uber for trucking app provides transport services to organizations at best pricing. Customers can also track their shipments in real-time like other apps.


GoShare is an on-demand trucking app which connects customers with truck drivers and van owners. The app comes with a simple booking process and deliveries can be made within an hour. Customers can communicate in real-time with the fleet operators and track their shipment using the app. You can also get a free estimate of your transport cost before opting for the service.