Tuesday CMS Expo Panel: Getting Ahead in the Cloud

At the 2013 CMS Expo Learning & Business Conference I have the privilege of moderating a panel focused on the Cloud. That's actually a broad topic, but I think it's a topic that is increasingly becoming well understood by the CMS community. Last year, I moderated a similar panel and, in my opinion, we spent way too much time trying to define the Cloud. This year, I'm hoping we're past the "what is it" phase and spend much more time talking about real problems, real benefits, and the challenges the content management industry may be facing by moving toward a Cloud solution.

Over the past few years we've seen the Cloud, like any new technology, move from hype to business reality. We're no longer asking how the cloud is defined. Instead we're asking, is the cloud for my business? We're also asking, how do I get there? This panel will look at how best to transition a business, organization, and development team to the cloud. Better yet, this panel is geared toward helping the audience better prepare for the challenges they will be facing once you are there.

I say this with confidence that these type of questions and discussion will be provided in the panel session because of the industry leaders that will be on this panel. I'm very fortunate as a moderator to have the following people joining the panel:

  • Joni Klippert from Standing Cloud
  • Ryan Thrash from MODX
  • Michael Uzquiano from Cloud CMS
  • Michael Assad from Agility CMS

If you're going to CMS Expo this week, I hope you join me and the panelists in our discussion. If you have known for sometime that you need to look into cloud solutions, the panelists in this session are there to help you. More importantly, if you have already taken those first steps into the cloud, we will also be talking about some of the frustrations and benefits you need to be aware of once you're there. This panel is scheduled for CMS Expo: Tuesday May 14, 2013 at 2:00 PM. 

If you're in the Chicago area and a procrastinator, my understanding is that it's not too late to register for CMS Expo. If that's true, try using the following super-secret discount code which you can use to get $100 off the Full Registration price: CMSX75130. I'm not sure if that discount code is still valid, but it's worth a try. By the way, the full registration price also includes breakfast, lunch, snacks, and an endless supply of soft drinks, coffee, and tea!