Off Topic: 5 Social Apps That Will Get You In Beach Shape

Participants of a beach boot camp class crawl across Soundside Beach at Hurlburt Field, Fla., May 18, 2013. The class combined a number of physical challenges and obstacles designed to push people past their physical limits.

Summer is upon us and it’s time to run to the beach, take off those layers—and realize you’ve gained a few winter pounds.  But good news! The mobile phone stuck to your keister can help put it back into beach shape.  Mobile apps such as those designed and built by Fueled have been revolutionary in changing the quality and efficiency of our lives, and multiple platforms exist for your different habits and tastes.  Need a buddy to encourage your progress?  A coach to scare and inspire you into shape?

Fitness tracking and scientific data technology to bring you into the 21st century of fitness?  Read below about five different social apps to help you get into shape for the beach.

1. Cody (iOS, Android)

If you enjoy going to the beach with friends, track each other’s exercise routines and progress with Cody.  You can choose different fitness plans whether you’re into yoga, cardio, weight lifting, or bodyweight movement.  A calendar tracks your routine and your friends can like, hashtag, or comment on your progress.  Training videos by the world’s top coaches are also available and viewable through any of your online devices.  Cody is the social media platform of exercise.  Connect with your friends or make new friends, but make sure you’re not alone when it comes to looking good for the beach.

2. Pact (iOS, Android)

Looking amazing for the beach is a goal in of itself, but what if you can earn a few extra bucks while you’re at it?  Put your money where your mouth is, and make a pact for how much you’re willing to lose in weight and cash.  Pact offers weekly goals for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle; you earn cash for reaching those goals, but lose cash if you don’t and the money goes to those that do.  You can manage the intensity of your fitness goals and wager how much money you want to put on the line.  The goals are simple.  For example, eat more fruits and vegetables and take a picture on the app—and allow other members to verify your success.  Can you earn enough money to get into beach shape?  How much you earn is up to you.

3. Seven (iOS, Android, Windows)

Seven is a solution for people who can’t afford the time it takes to get into beach shape.  It’s only seven minutes a day!  But the challenge is that you must commit seven minutes a day for seven months.   Seven is designed to offer exercises that require common objects like a chair or a wall, and your own body weight.  You start with three lives and you lose a life each time you skip a day—lose all three and you start all over.  No internet access is required, and you can incorporate daily reminders.  Seven minutes isn’t a lot of time, but it will add up to an awesome body for the beach.

4. Runtastic (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows)

Runners beware, if you’re not using Runtastic, you’re at risk at missing out on a fully integrated running experience.  It’s the swiss army knife of running apps.  Use it to make a map of your running path with real-time GPS monitoring with weather data.  Set a goal for a specific heart rate, calorie, or pace.  Have an audible voice coach give you live feedback based on your distance and timing.  Runtastic gives you command of your running habits and plans where you need extra control.  When you arrive at the beach, you’ll know exactly why you look fantastic.

5. Just Dance Now (iOS, Android)

If counting your health with numbers and statistics brings you down, shake off your weight with Just Dance Now.  Burn those calories to popular hits by Lady GaGa or Will.I.Am and include as many friends as you want.  Exercise doesn’t have to be regimental and serious, it can be fun and spontaneous too.  Practice your dance moves and take them to the beach when you’re looking good.

Use your phone to get into beach shape!  Choose an app (or several) that match your habits and style.  Get fit for the summer so you can trot to the beach, remove those layers, and realize “Hey, I look STUNNING!”

Written by Dylan Chadwick for Fueled

Image Source: Public domain photograph from Image provided via Wikimedia Commons.