Top Ten Qualities Of A Good SEO Company

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Top Ten Qualities Of A Good SEO Company

Mon, 08/27/2018 - 16:14

Online business is quite competitive with the billions of companies available today. This is why companies should hire a competent SEO company to ensure that they get relevant and dedicated customers to their website. A good SEO firm understands the nuts and bolts of internet marketing and will ensure that your company thrives in the competitive market. You will be assured of getting relevant traffic that will eventually convert to leads and sales. If you are looking for an SEO agency to take your business to the next level, here are a few must-have qualities to look for.

Experience and professionalism

When it comes to success in the digital space; the experience of your SEO Company matters. If you want to have excellent results, it is advisable to choose a company that has considerable experience preferably in dealing with businesses in your field of specialization. Such companies will have a better understanding of your industry and will deliver excellent SEO campaigns and results. The SEO agency should also be knowledgeable about the dynamics of both local and international markets. Such professionals will know your expectations and will work to deliver the results you desire.

Good reputation

Current and previous clients will always have much to say about their search engine optimization service providers. This is why it is best to determine the reputation of the SEO firm you want to hire by requesting for contacts of their past and existing clients. You can also check online to determine what other consumers say about local SEO agencies. You can easily get information on review websites, blog discussions, online resources and forums by gathering comments, feedback, and any grievances regarding the services they offer.

Employs Latest Techniques

The online marketing field is constantly expanding and the SEO techniques are evolving. A good SEO agency will regularly watch for the latest updates and changes in the search engine optimization techniques. They will analyze new techniques and apply them to suit the needs of their clients and guarantee the relevance of web content. With the search engine algorithms constantly changing and getting smarter, your SEO techniques should also fall right behind. 

Professional Team

A professional team is a crucial characteristic of a great SEO agency. Good companies will encourage their staffs to carry out research regularly so that they can stay on top of the latest algorithms that the major search engines employ. They will also continuously train their employees to ensure that they are conversant with new digital media strategies and SEO tools that have just entered the market. They will also invest in tools and technology required to maximize their effectiveness. Renowned SEO firms will employ different professionals; from web designers to copywriters, to link builders. They will enable every employee to polish their skills so that they can offer excellent results.

Ethical Methodology

A respectable and reputable SEO agency will always use white hat methodologies when providing services to clients. They will never use black hat techniques such as doorway pages, be spamming, or invisible text to boost your search engine results position. Even though black hat strategies can give quick results, they are prohibited by search engines. Major search engines carry out strict monitoring and when you are caught employing these SEO strategies, your website may be penalized or even banned. This is why you need a company that will utilize SEO methods that are ethical and approved by the major search engines. A good company will make your website more SEO friendly using link building, optimizing your business website, and keyword focused and relevant content. White hat techniques guarantee a steadily improved ranking and provide more sustainable results. For more information, check out

Realistic and honest commitment

A good SEO agency will offer clients realistic commitments, instead of overpromising and then faltering at the end. Getting a website to the topmost page of search engines is not an easy task, and a seasoned SEO company knows this. The biggest and most popular brands in the world are also aiming for this top spot and most of them have considerable resources behind them. Getting to the top SERP pages is possible, but it will not be fast, cheap or easy. With a good company, you will be assured of a gradual and sustained improvement in your search engine results.

Customized billing packages

Different companies will have varying needs when it comes to search engine optimization and a good agency will understand that. You do not want a company that tries to fit you in their existing pricing tiers when they are not your best choice. Great companies will take time to analyze your business and the goals you want to achieve before they talk about charges. A good company will ensure that they offer services that are tailored to your specific and unique needs. When you focus on return on investment instead of your budget, you will be more flexible to make any changes to ensure that you get maximum benefits from your efforts.

Regular and planned communication

When you hire an SEO firm to handle your search engine optimization strategies, you want to be sure they offer regular, planned communication to assist their clients to succeed. The company should regularly update you on the progress of your online campaigns and inform you about novel developments in your industry that could influence their efforts. Most companies will communicate with their clients through email updates, phone calls, video conferencing and many more. Most reputable companies will set out unique communication guidelines in their contract. Whatever mode of communication the agency uses; make sure that you are content with it.


As the business grows and evolves over time, the SEO strategies that made sense in the past may no longer offer results to the business. Top SEO agencies will understand this and they will be flexible enough to make changes to their existing strategy. They will also utilize the constant communication time with your company representatives to keep up with any new changes in the business and will use this information sensibly.  They will also engage their clients in conversations regarding their industry and will inform you of any changes that may influence your rankings.

Today, search engine optimization and digital marketing strategies are an integral part of online marketing. Billions of consumers use their mobile phones every day to seek the best goods and services in their locality. Businesses can tap into these targeted clients when they know the right SEO strategies to employ. This is why companies need the best SEO agencies that will improve their website rankings on search engines, boost web traffic, and boost their sales conversion rates. With the above-mentioned qualities in mind, you will surely find the right company.


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Great blog and I also agree with your blog. A good SEO company will make sure that your ranking is improved steadily, and that the results are sustainable. So your site will have increased visibility, improved brand awareness, better sales and a competitive edge over the competition.

Very insightful!
In the era of digital marketing, it has become extremely uneasy to compete with bigger fish in the market to achieve your marketing goal. It's not easy to find the right company as well. I would suggest to hire a company for professional search engine optimization services with a bespoken and proven track record.
I would suggest Devebyte Marketing Inc ( if you're looking for promising SEO opportunity for your business.

SEO is rapidly changing from one year to the next, with new algorithms constantly emerging and Google frequently editing their webmaster guidelines. Thank you for sharing the amazing methods of blog commenting.

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Love this list. Especially the "customized billing packages" point, as most large SEO agencies only provide their clients with cookie cutter packages. It makes sense from the agency's operational standpoint, but the client is the one who ultimately suffers. A custom-tailored search engine optimization solution is the type of package businesses should go with, as it will provide them with the best possible SEO results for their specific business. I recommend Active Business Growth ( for these types of SEO packages.

There is some good information in this post. However, while evidently written for those seeking to hire an SEO company, it is actually better suited for those looking to start or who currently run an SEO agency. As one example, "Employs Latest Techniques". Very few people/companies know of any SEO techniques, much less the latest techniques. Again, useful for those of us running an agency, maybe not as useful for those looking for one.

Great list of qualities to look for in an SEO company! Since SEO is a self-regulated industry, any person can call themselves an SEO expert. Unfortunately, many clients don't know how to distinguish one SEO company from another. Hopefully this article can help them in their search. The Business Clinic ( has been able to get many businesses on the first page of Google using white hat SEO strategies.

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Thank you for providing this list. I found it very useful when choosing a company to provide SEO for my business. One thing I would suggest adding to this list is to check the quality of content they put out. That's why I chose kodeak digital media, a company from my hometown. They put out useful content for free on their website. Check their website to see what I mean. (

Thanks, Charlie !!

I think, the most important indication of a reputable SEO company is when they are upfront with the fact that there’s no secret method, the holy grail tactic, or similar things about SEO: SEO is about consistency and long-term hard work. It is also important that they are upfront with a realistic timeline: a typical SEO campaign will take at least 6 to 12 months before you see any significant result (i.e., ranking on the first page of Google). In the world of SEO, it’s never more true that when something is too good to be true, it absolutely is.

It’s also important to remember that a huge aspect of SEO is about developing and promoting content. The agency should be able to help with producing relevant and optimized content according to your niche.This will include choosing the right keywords that are often searched but with manageable competition and expanding it into relevant topics and working content. They also need to know how to promote the content pieces using various marketing channels not only to get organic traffic but also to get more backlinks.

A common misconception is that SEO is all about the technical optimizations. Nowadays, the relevancy and consistency of your content is even more important.

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Your keyword study will identify whether or not or not your search optimization effort will be a achievement or a failure.

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