Top 10 Questions to Ask While Hiring an SEO Consultant

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Top 10 Questions to Ask While Hiring an SEO Consultant

Tue, 08/28/2018 - 18:03
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We all know what role SEO plays when it comes to ranking a website on Google’s first page. Here professional help is a must. In fact, hiring the services of a reliable and experienced SEO consultant makes sense. But as today such consultants are available in plenty, so you need to be extra careful while hiring their services. To make your hiring process simpler below is a list of pointers that you need to consider.

Questions to Ask

While hiring the services of a professional SEO consultant to ensure to ask them these essential questions,

  1. Can you provide me with a list of your past and current clients? Always remember a reputable and good SEO consultant will feel free to share with you their list of former and current clients along with their contact information. This reference will help you to have an idea of how effective the consultant is.
  2. How can you improve the rankings of my website? Keep away from an SEO consultant that is hesitant to discuss with you about the methods they use in detail. A good consultant from a reputable SEO Agency London, for instance, will feel free to explain to you the strategies that they will use to boost up the ranking of your site and also estimate the time required to attain the SEO campaign objectives you agree on.
  3. Do you follow the webmaster guidelines? Always hire an SEO consultant that strictly follow the webmaster best practices. If they do not abide by it, it can pull down the ranking of your site.
  4. Can you assure a number one ranking of my site on the leading search engines? If the SEO consultant answers yes keep away from him as he is making a bogus guarantee.
  5. Do you have the experience to improve the local search results? Check whether the SEO consultant possesses expertise in the local SEO methods or not. A good consultant will add your state and business's city to the meta description and title tags of your site and get your website listed on the top local listings.
  6. Will you keep me updated on every change that you make to the website? SEO will need different changes to the coding of the existing web page. So, it is vital to know what changes the consultant plans in the making and on the total number of web pages.
  7. How will you measure your SEO campaigns' success? The SEO consultant must be experienced in utilising Google Analytics for tracking the improvement in the search engine rankings of your site, the keywords that searchers use for finding your site, the total links from other sites driving traffic into your site and more.
  8. How can we communicate and also how often? The customer service standards and communication styles of SEO consultants vary. Look for one whose approach will fit your needs best. Ask him whether he prefers to email, text, use Skype, speak over the phone or talk in person. Also, ask him how often they will keep you updated.
  9. What are your payment terms and fees? Ask the consultant upfront about his payment terms and fees and also whether they charge any interest rate for late payments.
  10. If we part ways, what happens? Last but not the least ask the consultant what will happen if you terminate the contract early or if the contract expires and also whether they will charge any fees for the same.

So, next time you hire an SEO consultant you know what questions to ask right? Good Luck!!!