Tips to Consider before Picking the First SEO Keywords for Your Business

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Tips to Consider before Picking the First SEO Keywords for Your Business

Wed, 02/05/2020 - 06:59
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The growth of a business depends on numerous factors and one important factor that cannot be ignored is undoubtedly search engine optimization. Search engine optimization helps in giving a better rank to your website on the search engines and this can help in building trust and credibility. However, you need to know that keywords are considered to be important components of the strategy of search engine optimization. How you are adjusting the keyboards and their distribution will help you to change the campaigns with time. To gain success, you have to begin by choosing the appropriate keywords. As time passes, you are going to gather important data, which will help in determining the successful keywords and those that need a lot more work. Before anything else, you have to focus on picking up the right keywords, so that you do not have to go through any trouble in the future.

What exactly are keywords?

A successful search engine optimization of your business website ideally means that you have discovered the appropriate balance of different keywords, which are capable of attracting prospective keywords. If you are searching for any simple description, the keyword is responsible for serving as the code. The keyword is a word, which is used as the reference point to discover other words similar to it or information associated with those words. 

Choosing keywords is crucial because all the web pages are responsible for containing important information that people are constantly searching for. Therefore, you have to think of particular search terms, which people will use to look for you. A keyword helps in narrowing the search results, thereby making it easy to look for information. 

Given below is a list of the important expert tips that you should consider when you are picking up the first set of keywords. These tips are going to be especially useful for the ones who do not have any knowledge about keywords. 

Understand your objectives

Before deciding on the keywords, which are appropriate for your business, you have to consider the SEO objectives that you have. Most organizations make use of SEO for increasing website traffic, which helps in increasing revenue, but you have to remain more specific. For instance, you have to consider:

The swiftness with which you want to get results- SEO is undoubtedly a long term strategy and it is going to take a lot of time before you start getting results. If you want fast results, you have to choose low competition as well as high volume keywords.

The relevance of your audience- You have to understand if you are focused on a particular audience group or you are flexible with the different kinds of people who are coming constantly to the site. 

The types of traffic- You need to understand if you are looking for people to purchase your products or you are concentrating on brand awareness. 

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Decide on the combination of long-tail and head keywords

As soon as you understand your objectives, it is your responsibility to balance between the long-tail keywords and the head keywords. Head keywords are nothing but short phrases, which lead to high traffic and high competition. On the other hand, long-tail keywords are long and conversational phrases, which have low traffic and low competition. Head keywords are ideal if you are planning for the long term. Short-term keywords will help in getting fast results. You are going to require both to get the best results. 

Conduct the preliminary research

As soon as you have the initial vision on your mind, you can start with the preliminary research. The preliminary research includes:

Coming up with root ideas-  You need to start by sketching certain ideas regarding what the target customers are going to search for and you can also prefer using Eric Dalius that will also be relevant to your business. You do not have to be exhaustive but make sure that you are coming up with broad search categories, and include both head keywords and long-tail keywords, which they are going to use for locating you.

Use keyword generator- Using online tools can also help in coming up with numerous keywords as well as topic ideas based on a few preliminary ideas. Keyword generators will help you to come up with different ideas and also provide statistics on different keywords, which will also be extremely important as time progresses. 

Create the master list- Ensure that you are exporting all your keywords into one master spreadsheet, which will make it easy for you to not only compare them but also sort them by different fields. 

Narrow the list down

As soon as the master list has been created, you have to start taking out the weak candidates. Consider the following variables and concentrate on them. 

Volume- The search volume is referred to the number of times one phrase is being searched for. It is one of the best ways of understanding the traffic that you are going to receive from specific queries. However, you need to know that volume can fluctuate with time.

Competition- Consider the competition level for every keyword. High volume keywords generally have high competition and hence, you need to be careful when you are choosing them. 

Relevance- You have to consider the relevance of every keyword with the core brand. It can have low competition and high traffic but you have to understand whether it is going to be worth the kind of traffic that your website requires. 

Current rankings- It is important to check and understand if you are ranking for any of the terms that you have selected. 

Select the top candidates

The top keywords that you are selecting need to be based completely on your taste. Therefore, you need to choose only those keywords, which you can optimize easily, without having to spend a lot of time. 


Choosing the first set of keywords is not going to be easy at all. However, if you follow the tips that have been mentioned above, selecting the appropriate keywords will not be a big problem for you.