The Plone 4 CMS

The Plone community has raised the bar on their flagship content management system with the release of Plone 4. With the unveiling and release announcement of Plone 4, this is proving a busy week for fans of this CMS that runs on the Python-based Zope application server.

"Plone 4 is much faster, requires less memory, and performs well even when serving up massive files. ", says Plone co-founder and Firefox User Experience Lead Alexander Limi. “They [Plone users and developers] also didn't want us to sacrifice what we do well to get there — and we haven't. Plone 4 is not just more powerful — it continues to improve in areas Plone has always been known for: usability, security, and a CMS that is easy to install, upgrade, and looks great right out of the box.”

Some of the significant changes and improvements in Plone 4 include:

  • Notable performance improvements
  • New theme
  • Search and indexing improvements
  • Group Dashboards for a Customized User Experience
  • Massively improved handling of large files & media
  • New, faster folder implementation
  • Improved management of users and groups
  • Dynamic forms framework based on jQuery Tools
  • Improved first-run experience
  • Smooth upgrade experience
  • Reduced memory footprint
  • Upgraded infrastructure

Interestingly, the announcements and even the Plone 4 download page discuss the "under the hood" improvements available in the CMS in preparation for Plone 5. That's right, they're already talking about Plone's future with Plone 5.

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