One busy Joomla member: 10,000 helpful posts

"Brad" from Joomla! wrote "RobInk hit the big 10k posts  today." at the Joomla! forum.  He goes on to write:

There is a thread going where you might like to add you congratulations etc.

It’s incredible to reflect upon just how many people have been helped by Rob’s posts, as well as the posts of all those who help out. Did you know, we have 28 members at the moment who have 2000 posts and above, and more than 70 with 1000 posts or more. Now that is CONTRIBUTING!

A special congratulations to Rob, and to everyone else THANKS for your continued help and support.

I wonder if the quantity of those posts would be more or less if Joomla! had been propriety software and Robin was a paid employee by the "company".  Oh the power and helpfulness of free open source software and the open source community!