Odd Conclusion for Drupal 6 Article

Linux.com is featuring a story by Susan Linton titled "Drupal 6 keeps getting better". The author claims she has been using Drupal since version 3.1 and seems to know Drupal well enough to write a decent article. In short, she does a fairly nice job of summarizing the features introduced in Drupal 6. However, she ends the article with a rather strange conclusion.

My primary complaint with Drupal is still not addressed in this release. I believe having advertising capabilities is almost a necessity in any content management solution. Instead, Drupal leaves users to their own skills or to use a contributed module. The lack of native advertising support remains a major drawback.

I rarely have seen such request for an "advertisement feature" in the core of any CMS I've reviewed. Yes, some CMS do have an advertisement feature but in most cases the capabilities of such built-in features are usually limited. Either way, I just can't imagine with the latest drive to strip the less needed modules in Drupal 7 and beyond, that the Drupal developers would go for an ad module in the core.

For those of you that are looking for advertisement options in their Drupal sites, don't distress! There are some well written contributed modules available at Drupal.org. Some of the ad modules I've used for my own sites and recommend include:

There are, of course, other contributed Drupal modules used for advertisement that I likely should recommended. However, since I have no experience with the other ad modules, I'll let others do the recommending for me.