New release candidate for Simple Machine Forum (SMF 1.1 RC3)

A new version of SMF has been released to the public, SMF 1.1 RC3. For users of the forum software, this has been an unusually long period of time for waiting to see a new release candidate of the software.

Some of the new features and improvements as listed in the official announcement:

  • Many, many changes for UTF8 support. (UTF8 is the language most Web applications are going).
  • Many tweaks to the search functionality.
  • Added a CAPTCHA option to the registration page (Including audio support for accessibility).
  • Added an AJAX loading indicator to show when a server request is taking place.
  • Fixed a bug with subject cache being out of sync.
  • Fixed issues with notifications being sent in the wrong language.
  • Many changes to the numerous bridges Orstio has created for SMF.

For those not familiar with SMF RCs...the release candidates for SMF are particularly stable and many users often consider them more as full releases instead of release candidates. In other words, I'll likely be upgrading my own SMF forums to 1.1 RC3 when time allows.