New ocPortal 6 includes many new features and improvements

Open source ocPortal 6, a Web content management system, was recently made available to the public. ocPortal 6 is a major new version that incorporates many improvements and improves ocPortal's usability. Despite the significant changes in ocPortal 6, compatibility is expected to remain high with previous versions. The developers of ocPortal strongly advise upgrading to this version of ocPortal due to the significant performance and stability improvements.

Some of the new features and improvements in ocPortal 6 include:


  • Install profiles built into the Setup Wizard now allow you to set up a new site really easily. Choose from: blog, community site, info site, portfolio and shopping site.
  • A smaller core. Many former 'core' addons are no longer core, meaning you can strip back and simplify your ocPortal site more than ever (don't worry though, they are still bundled and there by default, nothing is removed). Simplifying ocPortal for new users and small sites is a critical part of our strategy to increase ocPortal adoption.
  • A new Add Comcode Tag button has been placed on forms, which allows you to fill in a simple form to add any Comcode tag rather than typing it by-hand. This brings into the open a lot of very rich functionality that existed in ocPortal that many users won't have realised was there (for example, carousels, or tab navigation).
  • When you add a catalog it now asks if you'd like it added to your menus. When you install all default catalogs are now given direct menu links, rather than going through a catalog index.
  • A fixed-width option for themes is now built in.
  • There is a new Google analytics option, to make it really easy to add Google analytics to a site.
  • There are new options to turn on/off tags and social media links (so template edits are not needed).
  • The Admin Zone menus have been rearranged (in particular member functions now rearranged into a single 'Members' menu option).
  • Content translation has been made far more user-friendly, with defined and explained workflows (a new tutorial is out too)

Helping users:

  • A new chat room has been integrated allowing ocPortal webmasters to easily support each other from inside their own websites. This chat room is also now linked from our own site, replacing the old Jabber room.
  • It is now very easy to file a usability report from inside ocPortal that automatically gives the URL to where you found a problem.


  • ocPortal has now been very carefully tested with millions of entries, meaning even huge ocPortal sites now run smoothly. This has involved hundreds of changes across the system, including improving memory usage, improving queries, and improving algorithms.
  • Aggressive speed improvements now give us a very similar speed to ocPortal's  biggest competitors.
  • A new 'Advanced admin cache' feature. Once enabled, Google Chrome webmasters will have page's cache locally on their own machines, whilst the server generates the latest version of the page in the background and delivers it slightly later (e.g. 1 second later, whatever it would be if the AAC cache was not enabled).

Important new features:

  • Switched WYSIWYG editor to CKEditor: better editor, with added support for IE9, Safari, Google Chrome and Opera.
  • Improved Installer. The quick installer no longer needs to run via FTP on SuExec servers.
  • The default theme now has mobile support, and our mobile detection and framework has been refreshed to meet modern hardware.
  • Theme Wizard improvements.
  • Added webm and HTML5 video support.
  • New functionality for creating temporary usergroup memberships.

Gallery improvements:

  • The gallery now accepts direct Facebook and Youtube video links.
  • If FFMPEG is installed, video thumbnails can now be generated automatically.
  • Galleries may now contain SWF files
  • Some small gallery CSS improvements.

For a complete list of changes and improvements please see the ocPortal release announcement at Download and upgrade instructions are also available there too.