New Drupal 4.7 theme available... Blue_mark

Screenshot of Blue Mark themeSomething old is new again. The Blue_mark theme for Drupal 4.7 is available at CMS Report. The Blue_mark theme uses Drupal 4.7's default theming engine, PHPTemplate. This theme is released under the GPL.

The Blue_mark theme was originally offered by Charles Lowe and available for download at his site, The original theme was written for Drupal 4.4's Xtemplate theme engine. I maintained the theme through Drupal 4.6 for a personal site of mine. With the switchover to the PHPTemplate theme engine as the Drupal 4.7 defualt, significant work was needed to keep old Blue_mark alive. The Blue Marine theme was used as a starting point. Minor tweaks were made to Blue Marine's PHP files and significant changes were made in the CSS.

I've made the themes available for download in both Zip and Tar formats:

  • - 31 KB
  • blue_mark.tar - 60 KB

Depending on your viewpoint, the Blue_Mark theme could be considered either retro or outdated. Although, I no longer use the theme, I used it for too long and couldn't let it slip by after the release of Drupal 4.7. If there is enough interest, I'll make this theme available at Please let me know your thoughts at CMS Report.