MISRA C Working Group Announces the MISRA C: 2012 Amendment 4 at Embedded World 2023

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MISRA C Working Group Announces the MISRA C: 2012 Amendment 4 at Embedded World 2023

Perforce Software Static Analysis Accelerates Embedded Development with Continuous Compliance

MINNEAPOLIS, MARCH 21, 2023 - Perforce Software, a provider of solutions for enterprise teams requiring productivity and visibility at scale within the SDLC, participated at Embedded World 2023 on March 14-16. Compliance experts answered questions about Perforce static analysis solutions Helix QAC and Klocwork, and presented on Compliance MISRA C++2x vs. MISRA C++08, Genericity vs. Explicitness in C for Maintainable and Correct Code, and Cloud CI for Mission-Critical Systems.

During the event, the MISRA C Working Group announced MISRA C: 2012 Amendment 4 on March 15. MISRA also announced that the forthcoming MISRA C 2023 will consolidate the amendments and previous versions of the guidelines into a single, comprehensive edition to facilitate compliance, which will be published later in the year.

The new version release of Perforce’s Helix QAC 2023.1 will provide complete coverage of MISRA C: 2012 AMD 4 and support for MISRA C: 2023.

Perforce is a recognized industry leader in embedded static analysis and is a founding member of MISRA. Experts from Perforce’s static analysis team are MISRA committee members. Perforce’s Helix QAC static analysis tool ensures compliance with MISRA guidelines.

This year, MISRA celebrates the MISRA C 25th anniversary of the publication of the original version of MISRA C. It continues to be the trusted standard for development of software in C where quality, safety, and security are considerations.