Michael Giannulis suggest ways to motivate your employees during tough times

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Michael Giannulis suggest ways to motivate your employees during tough times

Thu, 12/17/2020 - 14:05
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Motivating your employees is essential. They are the prime influencing factors for your business. However, during a challenging economic crisis, you will have to inspire them. When they do not reach the desired levels, then the confidence level of the employees goes down. The feeling of anxiety and fear are persistent in them. It can bring the performance of the employees to a standstill.

Mike Giannulis says that if your employees are motivated, then half the work is done. You can rest assure that you can achieve your targets smoothly.

Mike Giannulis shows how you can motivate them for the success of your business

  • Explain to them your vision: To ensure that the employees' morale is high, you will have to make sure that they understand your company's mission and vision. They should adequately understand the reasons for which a particular brand is working. What are the motivating factors behind them, and so on? It will help them to work in the right direction and contribute to the company.
  • Try to expose the targets: By setting clear targets, you can assure that the employees are motivated. They will get an impetus to work for the organization. Try to communicate to them the targets that you have set. Also, listen to the different suggestions of the employees. They will feel that their opinion is valuable for you and will thus work hard. Ask them if they require any resources or have any questions. Also, convey to them if there is any change in the goals of the company. It will help them to channelize their efforts.
  • The feedback mechanism of the employees: The communication in the company should be a two-way process. It would help if you gave the employees a chance to tell you what they feel about your company. It will cater to two aspects. One, you will be able to make necessary improvements, and two; it will engage them in the organization's process. Keep one thing in mind, the more immediate the feedback, the more effective it is for your company. Try to throw short and simple questions to them. Try to analyze the answers well. It will give you a clear picture of the whole scenario.
  • Take advice from employees: Only feedback is not everything. You will have to make them a part of your solution. Make them solve the day to day problems of their work, make decisions after consulting them. All this will be beneficial for your company in the long run.
  • Focus on the development of people: Every company requires a healthy and energetic staff. They are the real force behind the operation. So it becomes imperative that you motivate them for the real success of the organization. You must give them regular training regarding the different activities of the organization. Regular workshops are also a meaningful way to upgrade their skills.

There are thus a large number of ways that you can adopt to motivate your employees. You should, therefore, use these mechanisms to reach your business goals. Try to create a familial environment in the workplace. It would be best if you interact with your employees closely.

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