Meeting Google and Yahoo’s Upcoming Email Authentication Requirements: Valimail launches Align

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Meeting Google and Yahoo’s Upcoming Email Authentication Requirements: Valimail launches Align

Innovative product is the first solution that quickly streamlines meeting new sender requirements and automates the path to reaching compliance

San Francisco, CA (January 4, 2024)Valimail, the leading DMARC vendor and provider of automated email authentication and anti-phishing solutions, today launches Valimail Align, a tailored solution for quickly validating compliance status to meet the new sender authentication requirements from Google and Yahoo, and streamlining the path towards overall DMARC compliance for companies of all sizes.

Today’s email ecosystem is evolving. Recently, Gmail and Yahoo released email sender guidelines to reduce spam, prevent email spoofing, and enhance security for their customers.

Starting in February 2024, the guidelines require authentication of outgoing email by bulk senders (senders who have sent at least 5,000 emails in a 24-hour period). By April 2024, organizations need to ensure their email authentication complies with the new rules or risk email being blocked.

The first-to-market, comprehensive solution, Align ensures SPF and DKIM alignment to meet the delivery requirements set by Google and Yahoo. With Valimail’s market-leading, advanced, and patented automation suite, users can quickly and easily reach compliance across all services to prevent emails from getting blocked. Align ensures full compliance in days, not months.

Valimail Align simplifies email compliance for marketers in these simple steps:

  • Streamlined Compliance Reporting: Rapid assessment of adherence status across all sending services to ensure emails don’t end up being blocked. 
  • Automated Configuration: Utilize guided workflows to authorize all senders with a single click, eliminating the need for manual decoding of DMARC reports, IP address lookups, or DNS change management.
  • Intelligent Task List: Step-by-step instructions to help configure or troubleshoot alignment issues for lightning-fast compliance with authentication requirements. 

“Valimail Align empowers IT and marketers to seamlessly navigate Gmail’s policies while eliminating the complexities of DNS management. Committed to simplification, Align serves those seeking compliance with the new delivery standards without requiring the journey to enforcement,” said Scott Ziegler, VP of Product at Valimail.

Valimail’s compliance features enable customers to configure services or troubleshoot alignment issues quickly and easily across the company's broad product portfolio. These features are available within Align, as well as Enforce, which provides organizations with compliance as well as complete brand protection, user management, reports, custom alerts, and more. Valimail Align is available today at an introductory price to ensure customers can meet these new requirements in time and without issue. Visit here for more information.